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    Would it be advisable to work for a while after Graduation, before giving GRE/TOEFL?

    I'm a 2nd year B-Tech Mechanical engineering student of a decent private University in Chennai. I would like to pursue MS in Mechatronics/Robotics/Aeronautical as a specialization course in top 15 Universities in US.My CGPA for the first two semesters is around 8,and confident enough to get it a lot higher further.

    1)Would it be advisable to work for a while after graduation,then give GRE/TOEFL or rather directly?

    2)I'm also aware that,three letters recommendation are needed by the professors.How to attain them ?

    3)Does the GATE(Graduate Aptitude test in Engineering for post graduation in India) help in anyway for preparation to go abroad?

    4)Do any other good institutions in India provide summer internship ?

    Any suggestions would be appreciable.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Would it be advisable to work for a while after Graduation, before giving GRE/TOEFL?

    Dear Guest,

    1. If your ultimate goal is to study abroad and you are confident of clearing GRE and TOEFL, then why wait. As it is, your work experience shall carry no
    weightage while seeking admission in the US.

    2. Letters of Recommendation are received from the graduating university. You do not necessarily need three, some universities ask for only two. One could be
    from the Dean and the other from your department head or your project supervisor etc. Some universities also mail a questionnaire online to the email id's you
    provide and receive the filled forms back and treat these as recommendation letters.

    3. According to my knowledge, the only other countries where GATE scores are given any consideration are Singapore and Germany.

    4. IIT Madras provided Summer Internship, though admissions for 2013 have already closed, you can check with them when the next admission process starts.

    I hope you find the above information helpful and wish you all the best.

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