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    Will gap after the academic years create problem in future?

    I am a final year student persuing B.Tech in chemical engg. branch. Two days ago, I had taken online test organised by a software company in my college. I was not selected there. I also understand that due to recession, recruitment would be comparatively less this year. This makes me panic alot. I have thought of appaering for some entrance exams for post graduate cources next year but by that time if I dont get any job from campus placement, will that affect my career because in that case I have to take a year drop to prepare for PGC entrance exam. Till date I have no gap in my education and I dont knw wether any gap in future would affect my jop prospect or profile.
    Plz reply soon.

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    Re: Will gap after the academic years create problem in future?

    • No it won't have negative effect on future when it comes to job.
    • Mainly the companies doesn't considered the students in job if they have a academic gap of more two years.
    • So, one year doesn't make any difference and you need not to worry about it.
    • Try to get updated about the happening in the recent one year related to your subject.
    • The competition for the job is totally very high, so you need to score very high percentage in post graduation.
    • Work on your communication skills which is very important in job interview.

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    Re: Will gap after the academic years create problem in future?

    Hi Friends,

    No, There are many Software companies are allow more than one year backlogs.

    The most Software companies recruit based on the criteria like as,

    ** The candidate must have passed in graduation atleast 60% throughout the career.
    ** The candidate having good knowledge in Technical programming skills.
    ** Good Communication Skills.
    ** Good analytic problem solving skills.
    ** No backlogs.
    ** New innovative thinking

    All the best.........


    Pattusamy G

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    Re: Will gap after the academic years create problem in future?

    dear aspirant

    don't worry about it , 1 gap year is not going to affect your academic carrier,

    most of the companies allow maximum 2 gap year and 1 gap year is accepted by all companies for sure,

    for most of the companies recruitment eligibility is :

    must be graduate from a recognized university

    must have score 60%/65% throughout

    gap year more than 2 not allowed

    must not have any pending backlogs

    must have a good communication skills

    for selection they conduct ability tests followed by technical interview and hr interview

    so don't worry about 1 gap year, it will not create any trouble for you,

    good luck

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    Re: Will gap after the academic years create problem in future?

    keep-calm-and-don-t-worry-85.jpgIf the reason is a valid one and is related to some intense problem then it will not matter. Also if you are taking an academic gap to prepare for some exam or something like that it won't make any such difference on your job profile. So, don't worry.

    But yes, it is definitely considered by a private firm. See a private company would always want an employee who has just passed out and who is fresh with his knowledge that he/she has gained during his b.tech.
    In private organizations various factors along with these are concerned because there are many applicants amongst which they have to choose. The other factors which the private firms put emphasis on-
    1) Your high school and intermediate percentage.
    2) Your b.tech percentage.
    3) Extra activities.

    All these things are considered by the private industries because they don't conduct a very difficult preliminarily test and for them the interview is the only thing.

    As far as public sector industries are concerned, they don't go into all this. If you ha cleared the written test and the interview, you will definitely get the jobs. In those jobs, only your knowledge speaks for you. If you have taken academic gap for preparing for any sort of exam or for any kind of entrance then it will be considered as "OK" and it will not affect you at all.

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    Re: Will gap after the academic years create problem in future?

    Hello my dear Friend

    No problem Dear there is No Restriction on the Continuation of Education after completion of B.Tech

    But before B Tech if you have any gaps then Maximum One year is allowed to get a Job

    Otherwise it will definitely create a Problem

    Coming to your Issue there is No such problem can effect

    So Don't worry you have to concentrate on Government Jobs as well

    In that sector you will definitely get a Good job but More practice is required

    My Best Suggestion is to you can Focus on the Government Sector job with Graduation

    Here I have listed out the Some fields Under the Government sector as follows

    >> Defense

    >> Civils

    >> Groups Exams

    >> Railway

    >> Postal Exams

    >> Bankings

    That is all

    Good luck

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