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    Will B.Tech be a difficult course after passing 12th with 53%?

    Sir mere 12th me 53% h or me b.tech karna chahta hu to agar age jobs me dikat ati ho to me 12th repeat karunga...or agar dikat nahi ati h to b.tech tough to nahi padega or aj se 4yrs.baad konsi branch achi rahegi

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    Re: Will B.Tech be a difficult course after passing 12th with 53%?

    it depends on your interest...first of all

    1. do engineering not doing just for the sake of getting an engineering degree, do it with some passion

    2. if you do not have an interest in math and sciences..pls do not take up engineering...it involves a good amount of math and a lot of physics...

    3. if however you are good at aptitude...and computers..you have a scope in computer science engineering

    hope this helps

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    Re: Will B.Tech be a difficult course after passing 12th with 53%?

    If you go for 12th again means it is just a waste of Time . See , your 12th percentage wont decide you whether B.tech is tough to you or not . Actually , 53% in 12th is not a Bad percentage . So, dont be panic . Go for B.tech as you are intrested in that course .

    There are many branches in B.tech . Among them some Good are ,

    ~ ECE
    ~ EEE
    ~ Mechanical
    ~ Civil
    ~ CSE

    You can take anyone of the above metioned courses . These will have bright future when compared with other branches of B.tech

    See , you will have Core subjects in your B.tech . If you take ECE , there are more core subjects . So, you have to study hard , spend most of the time for Reading . Then surely , you will get very good percentage in B.tech

    If you take EEE , Some Core subjects are ,

    Electrical Machines
    Power systems
    Power system analysis
    Linear system analysis
    Power electronics , etc..

    If you take ECE , some core subjects are ,

    Pulse digital circtuits
    Control systems
    Electronic devices and circuits
    Digital signal processing , etc...

    All the best

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    Re: Will B.Tech be a difficult course after passing 12th with 53%?


    Well, to be eligible for B.Tech you have to sit for Engineering Joint such as AIEEE
    or Joint Entrance exam. The percentage of marks does not prove anything if you
    are determined and hard working you too can do well in B.Teh course. But if you
    are interested in B.Tech only then you should pursue the couse otherwise it would
    not be good for you. You are the best person to judge your strength and weakness.


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    Re: Will B.Tech be a difficult course after passing 12th with 53%?

    Hello friend,

    As you are passing through a doubt that weather B.tech is difficult after passing 12th standard with 53% ?

    No ...

    You wont be having any difficulties in joining B.tech..

    the reason is no matter what your percentage is in inter you can do well in B.tech with a regular study and concentration on the classes.

    So my dear friend , just concentrate on the future and forget the past you will be succeeded in the career

    Hope this information is useful to you


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    Re: Will B.Tech be a difficult course after passing 12th with 53%?

    See, marks do not means that you do not have a good brain. Its just a mirror image of the effort that you have put in. If you want to do b.tech then it doesn't depend on your marks that you have to got in 12th. You have to put separate efforts there.

    Now, your intermediate performance do affect the consideration of interviewees during the placement interview but only in private companies. If after b.tech you plan to go for any govt. firm then you just have to pass their respective exams and there only your b.tech knowledge matters.

    As far as the the basic criteria of many private companies after b.tech, they ask for-
    1) min 60% in 10th, 12th and b.tech though there are some more companies in which the intermediate criteria is not compulsory.
    2) Not more than 2 years gap in academics.
    3) And the last factor is your knowledge. Rest of the factors can be compensated but companies are strict about the fact that you should have every bit of information about your field.

    The way you asked the question, it seems you have no interest in doing b.tech but you are doing it on somebody's advice. That's why you didn't mention any stream but want to know about all the streams in general.
    There is no generic information about this, my advice is you should take admission only in that field in which you have interest. On someone's suggestion, if you choose certain field then you won't be be able to handle it in future and finally you'll blame yourself for your condition.

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    Re: Will B.Tech be a difficult course after passing 12th with 53%?

    Hello Friend,

    As, your's 12th percentage was not fine but it's ok and now it's time to realize and work hard at your higher studies. I think being repeating 12th were waste of time and money and with your's current percentage you can find placement into better Engineering College but all you need to score good at entrance exam.

    well, every Bachelor's course had its importance and qualities at career opportunities. As far of my knowledge B.tech is good to study and it was Interesting course than any other after 12th as it was also had great future. But, to get admission to b.tech you have to clear IIT-JEE entrance Exam. So, just focus on it and try to score good marks.

    you can also join other Bachelor's Programs like B.com, BCA, BBA etc...., but B.tech is good from above all.

    As, far jobs will be get based on personal and communication skills but not only on academic percentages. Of course percentage are also important but need not to worry about low marks. Improve your skills and be confident.

    Well, In B.tech there were many courses available all had better career opportunities in their own ways but all you need to work hard and try to gain good percentage with better Technical and Communication skills. In, My point of view Computer science and Engineering will be the good option to pursue as the today's world mostly depends on Technology. well, Electronics is also good option.

    I suggest you to don't repeat 12th, you continue your studies to B.tech and work hard to score better percentage with good communication and technical skills.

    Hope you Understand, Thank you........,

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    Re: Will B.Tech be a difficult course after passing 12th with 53%?

    Dear aspirant confidence is main thing if you have the inspiration/ambition have love for B.Tech subject then you can get admission having 53% in b.tech course.

    There are many more PVT.colleges which are UGC & AICTE approved you can get admission if you take information one by one.If you belong to other than UR

    category then you can appear JE exam. conducted by AIEE/more over you can appear State Govt conducted Joint entrance exam.for the purpose.So friend

    "where there is will there is a way" If you have no menetary problem then you can get admission in good colleges too, under Management quota.

    Thank You,

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