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    Whether jobs for CS and E&C engineers are same in IT companies or not?

    Did the jobs done by electronics $ communication engineers and computer science $ engineering graduates in it companies like tcs,wipro,etc are same.those who are studying cse $ ece are getting recruited to same it companies.did the jobs offering are also same.

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    Re: Whether jobs for CS and E&C engineers are same in IT companies or not?

    See , it depends upon the Course which the Candidate is having a Good command

    Actually if the candidate is having Good command in SQL , then the candidate will be assigned the job related to ORACLE

    If the candidate is having Good command in Java , then the candidate will assigned the job related to Java Platform

    So, like this , it depends upon the Course , which the candidate is having Good command

    Remember , for the Freshers who has Gor job in CAMPUS PLACEMENTS , will be assigns the job according to the company Rules and Project at that time

    Some Good courses are ,

    Dot net
    ORACLE-Applications , etc....

    Some I.T Companies are ,,

    Google , etc...

    all the best

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    Re: Whether jobs for CS and E&C engineers are same in IT companies or not?

    Hai friend,

    The job offerings are same for both ECE and CSE engineers from IT companies.

    In general,the people with B.TECH qualification will be offered the designation SYSTEMS ENGINEER,TEST ENGINEER, ASSOCIATE SOFTWARE ENGINEER..by the IT companies..

    people from both the streams are expected to develop software solutions for the clients..

    as soon as they join the the company,people will undergo a mandatory training in the basic concepts like C,JAVA,.NET, depending on the company's project requirements..Generally the training period will be ranging from 3 to 6 months,sometimes 9 months as per the companies business requirements..

    The training will be taking place in terms of modules and the candidates will be evaluated in each module,(candidate must score minimum 60% in the assesment tests)..Candidates will be given a second chance to meet the percentage criteria,if they cannot do the same in a single attempt..(Mostly everyone will be clearing this phase because the candidates with such abilities only will be recruited by the companies)

    Once the candidate is thorougly trained,the candidate will then be attached to the Live project to serve the company in any of the development centres of the company..
    so,candidates belonging to different streams like ece,cse etc..will be working on the software development if their designation is Systems engineer/associate software engineeer.

    Most of the IT companies like Infosys,TCS etc..are working with clients in banking,finance,retail industries developing software solutions..

    Systems engineer/software engineer is expected to develop a software as a team and report to the manager..sometimes the system engineer may be assocaited with a maintainance project where there is no need to develop a software but he is expected to go through various businees requirements and analysing various areas of impact and identifying scenarios.

    If the candidate designation is a Test engineer,he/she will be idetigying various bugs in the application and expected to write,update and execute test cases.they also perform regression testing to ensure that other areas are not effected because of bug fixing.

    CSE students mostly puts into practice the programming languages they studied during academics..ECE students although they do not have much knowledge in the programming languages during academics,gets good grip on them during the training and applies their logic/aptitude to deliver their best.

    Finally it is not the stream that a software company looks for while hiring graduates..they look for the candidate's problem solving abilities and the ability to work as a team and grow as an individual..

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    Re: Whether jobs for CS and E&C engineers are same in IT companies or not?

    Dear Friend

    Yes the jobs assigned to the electronics and communication engineer and the CS student are same in the companies like TCS,Infosys,Wipro etc..

    They are trained by the companies for doing their work the training period varies like the ece students get more training while the cs student gets less training..

    The job offered are same..

    Best of Luck

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