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    Whether Civil Engineering is best or Instrumentation Engineering?

    Hello sir/ madam

    My brother is studying in B.E. (I) civil engineering in Government College Of Engineering Chandrapur. He had applied for college change so he is getting B.Tech in civil engineering in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University (BATU) Lonere. so should he move or not ? I mean B.Tech in civil engineering would be better choice or not ? please reply

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    Re: Whether Civil Engineering is best or Instrumentation Engineering?

    Civil Engineering

    Civil is one of the core specialization of engineering. Graduates who have completed the graduation with good academics are getting good job opportunities inside the country and abroad. One who completed the graduation can start his/her career as a site engineer in any private construction companies.

    Its easy to get jobs in such companies as we have lot of construction companies around us. After gaining experience, you can see that your opportunities have increased. Middle east countries have lot of opportunities for civil engineers with experience.

    Instrumentation Engineering

    Instrumentation is a sub classification of engineering. Instrumentation students study in depth about electronic instruments, their working,principle, maintenance etc. After completing the graduation, you can get a job through campus placements itself.

    Otherwise you can do some certification courses or join some electronic company for an experience. After that. you can get into jobs available in electronic products and services company. Experience is required to get a job abroad in good electrical companies.

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