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    What will be the Future career with Maths and computers together?

    This year i have given my 10th board exams, now i have to choose subjects in class 11th so i have decided to choose maths along with commerce ..., so i wanted to ask that is their any benefit of maths to take it with commerce ,i am good in maths and i like it also,i am confused about my career,i don't know what jobs i could get by taking maths and commerce together and what other things i can do after 12th by these.
    I wanted to do good jobs in which i can earn much...
    And i also wanted to know that whether i should choose maths and commerce together or only maths...
    I m bit confused in choosing maths only because i don't like physics and chemistry much...
    Please give me the list of courses which i could do after 12th by taking maths and commerce together and what i can be by doing those courses...

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