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    What are the VLSI job opportunities in Bangalore?

    What are the VLSI job opportunities in Bangalore?

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    Re: What are the VLSI job opportunities in Bangalore?

    dear friend,

    VLSI is "Very large-scale integration".

    "VLSI design a huge scope for Indian engineers . Students who have strong electronics background and an engineering degree either in electronics, computer science, electrical, IT, instrumentation etc. are eligible for a career in VLSI.VLSI design is an extremely challenging job.

    VLSI designers are in huge demand to develop FPGA implementations, ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and SoCs (System-on-chip).


    Analog Devices India Product Development Center Designs DSPs in Bangalore

    Bit Mapper Design, development & training

    CG-CoreEl Programmable Solutions Design services in telecommunications, networking and DSP

    Calorex Institute of Technology Courses in VLSI chip design, DSP and Verilog HDL

    ControlNet India VLSI design, network monitoring products and services

    Cypress Semiconductor US semiconductor major Cypress has set up a VLSI development center
    in Bangalore

    Delsoft Electronic design automation, digital video technology and VLSI design services

    E Infochips ASIC chip design, embedded systems and software development

    EDAIndia Resource on VLSI design centres and tutorials

    Horizon Semiconductors ASIC, VLSI and IC design training

    Microchip Technology Offers VLSI CMOS semiconductor components for embedded systems

    Motorola India IC design center

    Sandeepani VLSI design training courses

    Sanyo LSI Technology Semiconductor design centre of Sanyo Electronics

    Semiconductor Complex Manufacturer of microelectronics equipment like VLSIs & VLSI based systems &
    sub systems

    Sequence Design Provider of electronic design automation tools

    Texas Instruments IC design center in Bangalore

    Trident Techlabs Power systems analysis software and electrical machine design services

    VDAT 2000 Info on VLSI design and test workshops

    VEDA IIT Offers courses & training in VLSI design & development

    VLSI India ASIC design and FPGA services

    VLSI Software Design of electronic design automation tools

    Zensonet Technologies VLSI IC design firm eg3.com Useful links for the design engineer

    Alliance Semiconductor (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    best of luck !!

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    Re: What are the VLSI job opportunities in Bangalore?

    Dear guest ;
    There are many VLSI job opportunities in Bangalore some are :
    1.Physical designer
    2.DFT/MBIST Engineer
    3.RF layout design engineer
    4.Soc Encounter/Physical design
    5.Electronics engineer
    6.ASIC Verification
    VLSI a huge scope for indian engineers.
    Qualifications :
    B.Tech/M.Tech in EE/CS from a reputed institution
    Overall industry experience of 3+ years

    Skills required:
    - Good understanding of computer architecture
    - Proficiency in C/C++

    - Proficiency in SystemC
    - Familiarity of ESL tools from Synopsys is an advantage
    - Understanding of ARM based embedded systems
    - preferably some script languages (perl, Tcl/Tk, shell, make)
    - usage of version management tools (preferably knowledge of clearcase)
    - Technical documentation
    - communication skills
    All the best and i hope your bright future.

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