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    What type of jobs are available to become bright future?

    What should i do for my carrer ? i passed physics (h) with 72% marks in kolhan university. Whats type of jobs are available for me to become bright future?

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    Re: What type of jobs are available to become bright future?

    The opportunities that are there after completing Physics(H) are-
    ~Either you can become a lecturer in colleges of the subject that you have studied or take up any other subject of the similar type. For the lecturer post you have apply for the N.E.T exam. It is not that difficult and you can easily crack it if you have good knowledge about the subject.

    ~You can go for higher studies i.e. have post graduate degree from institutes like IIT's in subjects like astrophysics, allied physics and there are some more. But for admission you have to qualify JAM exam.

    ~You can also become Laboratory technician in Govt. Institutes.

    ~There are many areas in which you can try to take a job like
    • radiation monitoring,
    • electrical power plant operator,
    • scientific instrument operator
    ~You can go for aircraft designing.

    ~If you want to shift to some other field then you can proceed doing MBA or law.

    ~Lastly if you want to go into research then try joining ISRO and organizations like this or complete your post graduation because it will lead you in your desired way.

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    Re: What type of jobs are available to become bright future?

    having a bright future depends on your interest...to quote an example..bill gates dropped out from his college..and became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world...so it basically depends on what you want do in your future...from the likes of what you have said...it appears to me that you do not have an interest in physics...at all...so i would advise you to stay away from physics...you could try exploring options into computer science...if you want to get into the technical side..or if you have flare for aptitude...and verbal reasoning...try doing an mba...after pursuing a bsc degree in economics..or arts..or something else..or if you are entirely interested in something else...if you want to pursue pure sciences...if you have a flare for chemistry, maths...you can do a bsc chemistry or mathematics...if you want to immerse yourself in the field of research..you could try this option

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