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    What is the syllabus of Computer operator recruitment?

    please tell me what is the syllabus of it recruitment computer operator

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    Re: What is the syllabus of Computer operator recruitment?

    Hello Friend

    The syllabus for the computer operator.

    General Awareness

    Science and technology

    current events

    Political Awareness polity

    Persons in the news and places in the news and important awards and honors and sports

    The questions will be asked in the above topics

    Quantitative aptitude

    There is limited syllabus


    In this also also limited syllabus

    General English conducted by the 10 marks for the matic standard

    And finally computer knowledge

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    Re: What is the syllabus of Computer operator recruitment?


    First of all,your question is not clear.Your not specified your education qualification.And also your not mentioned the exam for which your asking syllabus.

    To work as computer operator,generally you should computer basics,i,e MS-Word,MS-Excel and also internet knowledge.For some companies,Tally knowledge is compulsory.

    If you want to work in IT companies,then you should complete graduation related to computer filed and also good communication skills,technical skills,analytical ,reasoning skills are required for these jobs.
    IT companies conducts written test,technical round and interview for selecting the candidates,there will be no specific syllabus for IT recruitment,you should prepare for the above rounds for getting job in IT companies.

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    Re: What is the syllabus of Computer operator recruitment?

    Each year there are recruitment opportunities for the post of Computer Operator in the Police Department in Up. This year also notification regarding the same came but the last of submitting your candidature had passed. Nevertheless, if you are interested in such kind of job then you should know the syllabus from which its entrance paper is made. It will be helpful for you for the next time.

    The syllabus includes-


    It includes knowledge of current events, history, culture, geography, economics, Indian constitution, environmental studies, health and hygiene, basics of Hindi language, Child welfare, women welfare, social welfare, disaster management, sports, literature, science. All this is necessary because all hese have their own importance in the Police Department.


    It includes the history of computers. You should have very good knowledge of each product of MS office. You should be able to tackle internet problems and at times should also be able hac into someone's system. You should be comfortable with any kind of network like LAN<WAN< MAN and also should know each and every kind of Network Topology. In short you should be a computer geek.


    Logical diagrams, symbol-relationship interpretation, codification, perception test, word information test, letter and number series, word and alphabet analogy, common sense test, letter and number coding, direction sense test, logical interpretation of data, forcefulness of argument, determining implied meanings.

    i.e. the ability to question various aspects of life and find out ways to tackle them and get relief from them. it includes Analogies, similarities, differences, space visualization, problem solving, analysis and judgement, decision making, visual memory, discrimination, observation, relationship, concepts, arithmetical reasoning, verbal and figure classification, arithmetical number series, abilities to deal with abstract ideas and symbols and their relationships.

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