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    What should i prepare for getting into Embedded related jobs?

    I am doing my final year B.E instrumentation and control engineering. What should I prepare to get into embedded related jobs? Can anyone guide me please.

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    Re: What should i prepare for getting into Embedded related jobs?

    It is good that you are pursuing B.Tech from Instrumentation and Control Engineering.This is the stream where the competition is low than other branches.

    You want to go in Embedded System field.I guess that you have some knowledge of embedded system.First I would give you some basic knowledge about embedded system.

    An embedded system is a special purpose system which performs a specific task in its own hardware.

    An embedded system is different from a general purpose computing device in terms of its size,functionality and resources.

    Physically embedded systems range from portable consumer devices like MP3 Player,PDAs,Gaming Devices etc..

    Mainly Unix is used for implementation.

    C language is used for embedded system designing.

    It is different from application development.

    There are many institutes in India who give training on embedded system designing and implementation.
    1.Cetpa Infotech

    2.Sky Infotech






    8.Nine Vision etc..

    The following subjects are covered in those courses:

    1.Microprocessor Designing


    3.Linux or Unix structure

    4.Programming in C

    5.Real Time operating System

    6.Device drivers implementation

    7.TCP/IP network programming

    8.Motherboard Customization

    You can play various roles in embedded system industry.

    1.Hardware Designing

    2.ASIC Designer

    3.Board Support Package Developer

    4.Protocol Development Engineer

    5.Industrial Automation Solution Developer

    6.Customized Device Driver Incharge etc..

    All the Best

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    Re: What should i prepare for getting into Embedded related jobs?

    If you really want to get into Embedded systems related jobs, then you must learn about its concepts from in-depth. Getting such jobs are not easy for freshers. For hardware field, learn about flip-flops, microprocessors, chips, microcontrollers etc and for software line, learn about compilers, linkers, operating system concepts etc.
    Try doing some real time projects from what you have learnt( prefer those projects which are related with industries use or latest technologies).

    Learn the Linux OS for Embedded system as it has a good future with respect to job prospects. Moreover, Linux is exactly suitable for such systems rather than MS Windows. It is an open source and there is no need to depend on any proprietary softwares. So you can learn more with it and get more real time experience. You should sharp your programming language skills such as C, C++, Java etc for software emvedded system related jobs.
    Go through the site, www.sourceforge.net and search for embedded systems project. You will get thousands of open source projects which can prepare you well for the job.

    For getting a job in this field, send resumes to selected embedded systems companies, and insist your full interest in embedded systems along with a covering letter. For entry level, small companies are best to learn a lot in this field rather than big companies, so your preference should be small/startup companies.
    Hope this information will be useful to you.
    All the Best!!

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