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    What should i do to improve resume for College placements?

    what shall i do to improve my resume for college placements?
    what if i want to get a job in a company which doesn't come in m y instituteto recruit?

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    Re: What should i do to improve resume for College placements?

    Resume is a document which represents yourself. You have to express every bit of your in that sheet of paper.
    Your qualifications, interests, hobbies, references extra activities and your residence address are some of the major parts of the resume.
    Now there is a specific format which you can follow while creating a resume.

    1) Format the page
    Choose a specific style of format and maintain it through out your resume.

    ~Use a standard font such as Arial or Calibri. Times New Roman is acceptable but a little hard on the eyes. Every second you can get a potential employer to look at your resume counts, so consider using a sans serif.
    ~Use font size 16 for your name, 14 for section headings, and 12 for all other text.
    ~Use bold font for your name and section headings.
    ~Use plenty of white space (blank lines). It will make your resume easy to scan quickly and to read.

    2) Create your heading.
    ~Your name,
    ~telephone number,
    ~and e-mail address are included in this.

    3)Choose a layout

    Now the information that you have to mention in your resume is as follows-

    > List your employment history
    > Provide information on your education.
    > Add additional sections as needed

    I would also have attached a sample resume for you but the attachment option is not available for time being. As soon as it will be available I will also upload a sample resume so that you get a real idea of a resume.

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