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    What should i do to get job with 10 arrears?

    I'm doing final year eee i have 10 arrears . What should i do to get job and i have good communication skill with technical skill. Give some tricks

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    Re: What should i do to get job with 10 arrears?


    First of all ,it is very bad that you having still 10 backlogs.Now your in the final year,it will be tough for clearing all backlogs in the final year.

    So,my advise is first clear your all backlogs then think about jobs.

    -> After completion of your backlogs you can apply for various public sector and private sector jobs as your EEE student
    The goverment jobs that you can apply are:


    You can apply for private sector jobs in

    Tata Motors
    Tata steel
    Honey well

    -> For getting job in public and private sector you should have minimum 65-70% in your academics

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    Re: What should i do to get job with 10 arrears?

    Well 10 arrears is a little too much. You just have the final year now. So it is practically impossible for you to clear all of them in one year. No trick can shorten the period of time for you. Unless there is one factor. The factor is that your college itself allows to sit for all those 10 arrears in this year only along with your existing examinations. Now normally with more than 2 arrears, you have to repeat a year in any college. But if somehow your college allows you then you can try giving all the examinations together and thus save the time. But the problem is that when you attempt for all of these together, there is a chance of creating a new backlog in some other subject, making the net result same as before. So the other way is to repeat the year and clear the backlogs eventually. Along with it you participate in the campus recruitment procedure next year and opt for all the companies coming to your college. If you clear the aptitude test taken by a particular company, then you will be promoted for the next level of interview. If that becomes clear too, then you directly be the company's employee.

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