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    What is the scope of Interior Designing? Will i get job in abroad after doing this course?

    what the scope of interior designing?if i study of interior designing course in india shall i got the job in aboard ?what is the starting salary in india and abroad?

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    Re: What is the scope of Interior Designing? Will i get job in abroad after doing this course?

    Dear Guest,

    As you must be aware that there is a construction boom in almost all metros across India. As more and more new buildings come up, more people are needed to design the interiors of these buildings. Also, in cities like Mumbai and Kolkata, most buildings are very old and have been marked for re-development. These also have to be redesigned from the inside. All this adds up to an increased growth in demand for professionals from the industry.

    So, there are many options for an aspiring interior designer. You could either join a large design house, partner up with an architectural firm or start your own designing firm. Large builders like DLF, Unitech etc. have their own team of interior designers for each project, these firms keep looking for new talent.

    According to a survey done, the salary for an interior designer in 2012 was in the range of Rs. 90,000.00 - Rs. 6,50,000.00 per annum, depending on experience.
    Interior designers who work with architects, builders etc. sometimes work on commission basis also. While working abroad, the charges are mostly on an hourly basis, or as a lump sum for the entire job.

    Hope you find the information helpful.

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