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    What is the requisite qualification for teaching Actuarial Science? Are here any IRDA norms pertaining to this?

    I am a postgraduate in engineering with a MBA and PhD in finance with about 25 years of industrial followed by 15 years of teaching experience in a reputed management college in Bangalore.
    Recently I have developed interest in insurance and actuarial science which I want to teach. Toward this end, I have already completed my associateship diploma in general insurance from the insurance institute of India and going to sot for the fellowship exam in the coming Oct-Nov this year.
    I specifically wish to know what qualification I should acquire to be eligible to teach actuarial science in India. Is there any IRDA norm pertaining to this ?
    Are the courses offered by the insurance institute of India sufficient for me to be eligible? Kindly clarify.
    Prof. Dr. A.K.Bandyopadhyay

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