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    What are the questions asked during TCS recruitment?

    i want to know what are the questions asked in the interview during TCS recruitment,I am a fresher and
    TCS is coming to my college on 11th september.

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    Re: What are the questions asked during TCS recruitment?


    TCS(Tata Constultany Services) conducts generally three rounds for selecting the candidates :

    1)Aptitude test
    2)Technical round
    3)HR round

    1)Aptitude Test:-

    For this round practice more questions from previous years question papers.It is better to have grip in the topics like

    Time and Work
    Coding and Decoding
    Simple Equations
    Permutations and Combinations
    Clock and Calender
    Statement Problems
    More practice questions on reasoning

    2)Technical round:

    In this round they will basically asks the questions from your resume and the project you completed in your academics.They may ask to write some logic/coding in C or Java programming.

    3)HR round:

    In this round different questions will be asked like

    About yourself
    Why TCS
    What is IT Industry
    Your ambitions,weakness,strengths
    Some puzzles

    So,prepare well and attend the interview with confidence.

    *** All the best ***

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    Re: What are the questions asked during TCS recruitment?

    Questions to be asked in TCS interview

    >>Give your self intro

    >>Your career objective

    >>Why do you hire you

    >>how much salary package do you expect

    >>Tell about TCS growth statistics

    >>Why do you want to work here


    Thank you!!!!

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    Re: What are the questions asked during TCS recruitment?

    Dear friend

    TCS is the one of the most successful company in ASIA
    Its recruitment process and its eligibility are given below

    1.He must finish Engineering in Any of the fields
    2.Age must be above 21 yrs
    3.Good communication skills is needed
    4.60% overall from 10 to Last degree
    5.Skills in Programming

    For freshers
    1.they wont ask deeply
    2.First round is Apps So you can easily clear that one
    3.Second round is Group discussion its depends on your Communication and accent
    4.Third one is HR round in that they will ask question basically from the Programming and your department subjects

    all the best..

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    Re: What are the questions asked during TCS recruitment?

    Hello Friend

    The following way TCS recruits

    First they will conducted the examination who have completed their PG or Btech or Mtech or MCA successfully completed in 60 percentage marks

    Then they will call the Group discussion.

    After that they will conduct the technical interview

    In the technical interview they will raise the questions about Your subject

    you have to fundamentals clearly about your subject.

    After successfully completing the technical interview they will conduct the Personal interview.

    In the personal interview they will raise the questions personally means family background.

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    Re: What are the questions asked during TCS recruitment?

    hello friend,,

    TCS is the MNc's company which has been hire the engineering degree students for the job posts like

    Software development
    SOftware testing
    Software maintenance
    Web application
    Web development etc

    selection process :
    1. Technical written test
    2. Technical Interview
    3./ HR Interview

    Technical Written test syllabus

    1/ Reasoning
    2. APtitude questions
    3. Logical and analytical aptitude
    4. Computer languages questions like C/C++/JAVA etc
    5. DBMS questions
    6. Networking questions
    7. Data structure questions etc

    so for the written test you need to be do the preparation of these subjects ...After the good preparation of these subjects youcan easily qualify the entrance exam

    Interview :

    in the technical interview questions related to the technical subjects like C/C++/JAVA /Data structure//Oracle etc

    After the qualify the Technical Interview you have call for the HR interview for the final round in which just intriduction and some practical questions asked

    best of luck !

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