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    What are the prospects after getting degree in Life Science?

    as i have heard that job opportunities are less and pay is also less.
    can you also tell me how to become an astrophysicist , what should i do after my puc.?
    will it be useful if a get a basic scienc degree with phy as my major ?

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    Re: What are the prospects after getting degree in Life Science?

    There are a lot of job opportunities for B.Sc(Life Science) graduates in government and private sector.
    In Government sector you will get a good job by passing various exam conducted by PSC, UPSC and SSC. Some of the common employment areas suitable for these graduates are as the following:

    1. Medical laboratories
    2. Testing Laboratories
    3. Seed and Nursery organizations
    4. Biotechnology Firms
    5. Banks
    6. Life Insurances
    7. Government Colleges
    8. Agricultural Research Organizations
    9. Botanical Survey
    10. Hospitals
    11. Medical research
    12. Food Institutes
    13. Wildlife and Fishery Departments
    14. Public Schools

    In Private sector you will apply in these fields:
    1. Medical research
    2. Lumber and Paper Companies
    3. Private Schools
    4. Private Banks
    5. Life Insurance
    6. Cosmetic Companies
    7. Botanical Gardens
    8. Horticulture
    9. Medical Laboratories
    10. Broadcast Companies
    11. Private Hospitals
    12.Private Colleges

    You can also make your career in abroad after B.Sc(life science). Most of the foreign countries provide a lot of job opportunities for B.Sc(life science) graduates in various sectors. They are offered attractive salary packages as well. There are various certification courses available there which can be pursued to improve career scope. You can also get exposure to various areas of work there.

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