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    What points or headings are essesntial for good standard CV?

    Could you let me know what are the points or headings that is eesntial for a good standard Cv to apply for freshers jobs in vaious companies like L&t infotech,tech mahindra,etc.

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    Re: What points or headings are essesntial for good standard CV?

    In your CV dont put headings but you should put a brief synopsis about your profile just after you ahve written your name and contact number
    your brief synopsis may include your hifgest qualifications , any job experience
    your main technical skills
    the computer languages that you know

    its hgould be on the top in 4-5 line maximum
    if you are a fresher make sure your CV is not more than 2 page long, even try to squeeze it to one page

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    Re: What points or headings are essesntial for good standard CV?

    While preparing your CV, remember the following guidelines:

    -> Your CV should be neatly typed and to the best standard in content and layout.
    -> Try to be short, normally sides of a A4 sheet is enough.
    -> You CV should make a good impression, this can be achieved by presenting the facts about yourself in a clear and
    positive way.
    -> Be positive while emphasizing your achievements, strengths, contributions etc in your CV.


    It includes
    -> your name
    -> address
    -> contact information
    -> a brief view of career history

    Mention the things which you did in the past well and which are relevant for the job you are applying for.

    3) Qualifications and training
    Include all your qualifications, and training from previous jobs or internships.

    4) Interests
    This can support your CV if your interests highlight some of your qualities which may be beneficial for the job.

    5) References
    It is a plus point to have two or more people who can provide a work or personal reference.

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