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    What kind of jobs are available for MA (Economics) graduates?

    I need to know what kind of jobs are available after M.A. economics? The nature of job, starting salary, mid working salary growth prospects, etc. Because I am thinking of pursuing M.A. economics, gain some work experience and then go in for M.B.A. Please help?

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    Re: What kind of jobs are available for MA (Economics) graduates?

    Economics majors are successful in a wide variety of careers. Although various roles in businesses are most common, economics majors are successful in law, medicine, government, non-profits, and international relations, as well as in academic roles.

    Governments at every level hire economists for their facility with statistics and analysis.

    jobs for MA(Economics):

    1. lecturer in the government collages through the NET exam.
    2.prepare economic evidence for court cases
    3.develop analyses to influence public policy.
    4.LAW school
    5.Professor,teachers,researchers of Economics.
    6.Officer of personal management
    7.Foreign Service and civil service

    International agencies of many kinds hire economists for a variety of roles. Additional languages, strong communication skills, experience with diverse cultures, and statistical skills are often important.

    Economics with good analytic and communication skills to do the jobs with consulting firms.
    McKinsey & Company,
    Boston Consulting Group,
    Bain & Company, Accenture
    Charles Rivers Associates
    Mathematica Policy Research
    NERA Economic Consulting

    BEST of luck!

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    Re: What kind of jobs are available for MA (Economics) graduates?


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    Re: What kind of jobs are available for MA (Economics) graduates?

    Economics is continue to be ranked among the majors chosen by students due to widespread application of economics in various sectors.Most of the graduates from economics who have good knowledge of economics are getting job in every field since economics is applied in every industry.They work in manufacturing,transport,communication ,banking,insurance,investment,retail industries,govt sector,consulting and charitable organizations etc.
    In addition to consulting work in private and govt sector they are also working in administration,sales ,finance,journalism,banking etc.Salary varies from 10,000 to 20,000 per month in starting but after some years they get promotion and their salary also increased according to their services for organizations.Some specialization in economics are-

    Agricultural economics
    Business economics
    Rural development and rural economics
    Industrial economics
    International economics
    Labor economics
    Natural resource economics
    Financial economics
    Welfare economics

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