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    What jobs can one look for after BE in E&C and MBA in Marketing & Finance?

    i have done BE in electronics & communication and MBA in marketing & finance(dual specialization). what jobs i can look before? I need job which considers both my BE & MBA skills? I need right kind of job and good suggestions....can somebody help me on this??

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    Re: What jobs can one look for after BE in E&C and MBA in Marketing & Finance?

    this is the the good question asked by an be+ mba canidates. there is good scope who did be and mba both.I am mentioning some areas where you can try your best level.
    Since you are be and mba marketing you can easily gets the job in engineering sales. initially salary will be around 4-5lacs/annum but it will be good for your future job prospect.you can enter in manufacturing sector as well. always remember be and marketing candidate can always work for operations profile as well so any opening for operations will also opens the door for you also.i am mentioning some companies where you can try ( currently they have an opening for be+ mba)

    uttam galva
    godrej consumer
    vashi electricals

    now if you see from the finance perspective there your domanin will be more towards finance sentor rather than engineering.the profiles which you can gettt on the basis of finanace are

    finance analyst
    account manager
    portfolio executive
    risk analyst
    business analyst (BA)
    can work in equity market ( share market).

    companies for mba finnace are:

    broking firms
    insurance firms

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