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    What are the jobs after completing KAS exam?

    The exam pattern is in kannada or english. And what are job s after complete this.

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    Re: What are the jobs after completing KAS exam?


    Yes you are eligible for B.Ed after completing BBA.

    B.Ed is a Bachelor of Education which is generally done after completing your Graduation and then if you further want to settle as a teacher but mainly those who want to acquire the job as a government teacher will do this course.

    Eligibility Criteria:
    You need to have minimum of 45% of marks in your graduation to write this exam.

    There is no age stipulation for this course.

    You need to write an entrance test for this exam concerned to the University from which you want to complete B.Ed course

    You will have methodologies like:

    >Biological Science
    >Political Science

    The common entrance test for B.Ed is conducted every year and you can get admission in to the course by writing the common entrance test.If not you can also get a seat through management quota which is you have to pay more amount.

    The test includes:

    >General Awareness
    >Language Comprehension
    >Teacher learning abilities
    >Questions on the methodology which you choose.

    In this course you need to take two subjects after joining the course which could be a subject in your degree level and the other one would be a language or can also be another subject which you have learnt in degree level orelse at the intermediate level.

    As you completed BBA you can mostly take the subject social and the languages like Hindi,English,or teh otehr languages which are specified in the above list.

    Good luck!

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