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    What is the future of Layout Designers in India?

    hi all,
    i recently passed out from ECE. i got selected into sankalp semiconductor as a physical layout designer pay 3.3 lpa. can anyone tell me how will be the future of VLSI with respect to the offer that i got........how will be the future scope of layout designers in india.......also is it possible to get job abroad using the experience in india??

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    Re: What is the future of Layout Designers in India?

    Dear Guest,

    As you are from the industry, you must be aware that what used to take up a room can now fit on your table. Circuits that were previously possible only on large boards, now take a few millimeters of space. All this has been possible only because of VLSI. Till consumers keep looking for smaller and smaller gadgets, VLSI shall keep providing the answers. As the demand for VLSI seems to only be growing, so shall be the need for layout designers.

    India currently has around 10000 chip designers, and this number is growing by about 20% every year. Large companies like Cirrus Logic, IBM, Intel, Philips and Motorola have already setup their chip design centers in India. So, friend, their is no doubt that this industry can only grow at an ever increasing rate. As, for jobs abroad, let me tell you that Indian Engineers and Designers enjoy a very good reputation abroad. This added with work experience in a good organization greatly enhances your prospects.

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