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    What is the eligibility of joining RAW and IB?

    sir when and how and wgat are the eligiblity of joining raw and other ib ??

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    Re: What is the eligibility of joining RAW and IB?

    Dear Guest,

    RAW generally recruits it's staff from other govt. services like Police, Armed Forces etc. However, they also recruit candidates directly via conducting a written exam. The minimum qualification required to appear for this exam is Graduation. These exams are conducted by the Services Selection Commission and are open to the general public.

    IB advertises regularly for positions vacant, for which candidates can apply. The qualifications required depend on the position for which there is a vacancy. However, the minimum qualification is graduation. As IB falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs, interested candidates are advised to visit http://www.mha.nic.in and fill up their corresponding online registration form. Any information submitted must be backed up matching documentary proof.

    I hope this gives you a fair idea on the procedure for applying to the 2 agencies.

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