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    What is the difference between Grade A and Grade B posts? Whether clearing IES examination really worth or not?

    I've seen various jobs allotted for ECE back ground people .. Grade A/Grade B posts .. !!

    I honestly don't know whats the difference between them. I'm hoping you could clarify them.

    In the latest IES notification, I've read that certain jobs need MSc or M.Tech equivalent degree ..

    Like Wireless Planning and Co-Ordination (I'm very interested in this) and few others ..

    So, what do you suggest ..

    Am I supposed to consider GATE seriously first, complete my M.Tech & later I should write IES for better posts in Engineering Services ??

    Here is another question ::

    I'm asking this question just plainly .. Just out of curiosity & unbiasedly ..

    Is it worth clearing IES examination .. ?? Is it worth for every bit of hard work we pour in ??

    How prestigious is the jobs in actual real world .. ??

    Are those jobs really worth having .. ??

    Whats the starting & max. salary of IES officer .. ??

    Please don't give me some bookish & ideal answers for these questions. I want real practical answers from you ..

    I'm sorry, if I am too straight with my questions ..

    Reply me as soon as possible . . .

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    Re: What is the difference between Grade A and Grade B posts? Whether clearing IES examination really worth or not?

    Hello Sir,
    As you were provided many questions about IES and grade a/b post. I was here with some suggestions regarding your questions.

    1) GRADE A: The applicant is required to have the qualification and experience by completing the registered contract of apprenticeship under the apprenticeship ordinance in the trade of electrical fitter and electrician and also holds the craft certificate in electrical engineering by technical institute and has at least 1 year of practical experience in electrical work
    or he has been employed as electrical worker for at least 5 years and he has to be passed trade test set by director of electrical & mechanical services.

    2) GRADE B: The applicant must be hold diploma in electrical engineering by a technical institute or has an equivalent qualification and must be employed as an electrical worker for at least 5 years.
    Inspite of above grade post there were also some other grades in electrical field as all grade post were to based on same and it were to issued by seniority.

    3) if you wanted to continue your's higher studies then seriously go through the GATE and there will be more better posts that depends on your interest whether you can also apply for post after holding an engineering certificate as you were interested in wireless communication then just go through it.

    4) Absolutely it worth clearing IES exam it will be provide the prestigious future with good figures of salary and clearing the IES is not an easy task to accomplish the different modes of qualities were made to be developed to overcome the exam all you have need qualities like STRONG WILL POWER, FULL KNOWLEDGE IN SUBJECTS,DEDICATED HARD WORK,GOOD PLANNING AND COMMUNCIATION SKILLS.

    The starting salary for IES officer is varies different among positions in the respective jobs such as
    JUNIOR OFFICERS: RS/- 8000-13000
    SENIOR OFFICERS: RS/-10000-15000
    SELECTION GRADE: RS/- 15000-18000
    ADDITIONAL SECRETARY: RS/- 22000-24000


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