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    What are the chances of having a successfull career in abroad after CFP completion?

    what are the chances of having an successfull career Abroad after completing CFP in India?? In how many countries is this course valid?

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    Re: What are the chances of having a successfull career in abroad after CFP completion?

    Dear Guest,

    CFP is an international certification program in the field of financial advisory services. This designation was first started in the U.K. and is still in practice there along with other countries. Please note that to become a "Certified Professional Planner" and work in a particular country, you have to meet the education, examination, experience and some other requirements of that particular country. Also please note that there is a recurring certification fee. The license is issued by the Institute of Financial Planning.

    In India, to get a CFP you have to enroll for the CFP course, this is a weekend course and takes around 5 months to complete, You then have to take an entrance exam (5 parts). The fee for exam 1-4 is Rs. 2,000.00 per attempt and for exam 5 is Rs. 5,000.00 per attempt. The exams are held online. A student has to secure minimum 60 % marks in Exam 1-4 and minimum 50 % marks in Exam 5 to qualify.

    Also, in India, no work experience is necessary to get or apply for CFP.

    I hope this makes things clearer.

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