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    On what basis companies recruit people?

    if we have arrear in the colleges do i have any chance to get place in a company?? or on what basis companies recruit us?

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    Re: On what basis companies recruit people?

    dear friend

    if you have arrears but even though you are eligible for campus recruitment only if you clear your papers before the final year, if you clear all the backlogs before thhe final year then there is not problem,

    but if you have backlogs even at the end of final year then sorry friend it can't help you,

    companies select on following basis :

    score of test conducted by them

    your academic performance

    backlogs cleared or not

    check the gap year

    communication skill is good or not

    generally these are the basic standards of recruitment

    good luck

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    Re: On what basis companies recruit people?

    Hi Friends,

    Sorry, most companies recruit employee without standing arrears. So, better to clear your arrears.
    But few company recruit employee having one standing arrears.

    Each company recruit employee basis of Academic achievements, and your Performance on interview.
    All the company first focuses the eligibility criteria. There is no relaxation in criteria.

    If you are eligible then attend the placements.

    Thank you...


    Pattusamy G

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