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    What are the basic requirements for a campus recruitment?

    How can we represent ourself towards a well profiled organization when leading to an interview.it's really look like a hard to follow and get it on the right time i know it's not tough at all it's really easy but condition are not so please tell me how can a overcome my lower confidende .i am in fifth sem right now.

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    Re: What are the basic requirements for a campus recruitment?


    Tips for overcoming lower confidence and get success in the interview process:-

    ***** Once of the best of way to reduce stress,lower confidence is to be
    properly prepared for the interview.

    First know the selection process details ,company which is coming,based on that start your preparation Practice previous placements papers.Generally in the selection process,they will for look for good communication skills,basic logic,reasoning skills,fundamentals of your subjects.So practice all the things.

    ->Prepare the list which you need to at time of interviews i,e,CV,academic documents,photographs etc

    -> Arrive the interview place before at least to 10 minutes,which reduces unnecessary tension for late going.

    -> Dress up formally

    -> Carry the things which are in list prepared by you

    -> Answer confidently while answering.

    -> Eye contact is compulsory while answering questions.

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