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    Type of pharmacy jobs having maximum growth in present as well as in future?

    which type of pharma jobs should better for the maximum growth in prasent and future.

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    Re: Type of pharmacy jobs having maximum growth in present as well as in future?

    You need to take the pharmacy school pre-requisites and do VERY well in them.
    All pharmacy schools require- 1 year of biology with lab
    1 year of general chemistry with lab
    1 year of organic chemistry withlab
    1 year of physics with lab
    1 psychology course
    calculus I
    1 year of college writing/english

    Other courses that may vary from school to school may include biochemistry, higher math courses, genetics..You would have to look at specific school websites to see that they require.
    If you do not have an undergraduate gpa of atleast 3.6 and a science/ math gpa of ATLEAST 3.3 and a PCAT (pharmacy entrance test) of atleast the 70th percentile (you score better than 70% of others) than I would not even bother to take the time and MONEY to apply.

    You also need to get pharmacy experience. Get a job as a technician in a pharmacy as soon as possible. This will also help you decide if the career is really for you.

    I decided not to become pursue pharmacy after working in a pharmacy. Honestly, they do not do much. They may get paid in excess of 100k a year, but I would prefer to be more involved with patient therapy. I start medical school this fall.

    You might be more interested in getting a pharmacology graduate degree. This is NOT a pharmacist. Huge difference. This job you get to actually research drugs, and do more on that end.

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