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    Type of jobs for girls suitable being a Civil engineer?

    in cadd designing how much salary we will get

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    Re: Type of jobs for girls suitable being a Civil engineer?

    Girls can opt for office jobs like analysis, designing, tendering, managing projects and many other office jobs.
    In future you can opt for off-site jobs if you think on-site jobs are a bit difficult due to surroundings or circumstances.

    On a personal note, I did my civil engineering and in my class also we had 3 girls who opted for civil engineering. Two out of three are well placed in office jobs where as third one has opted for a project management in construction diploma. So if you have the right attitude and strong will power just join this branch and prove to this world that girls are no less than boys and can do wonders if provided with right kind of opportunities.

    you can even go for cadd , and the salary mostly depends on your performance once you get there.

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