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    Which type of jobs are available over internet?

    Which type of jobs are available over internet?

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    Re: Which type of jobs are available over internet?

    Actually , there are many types of job in internet

    most of the jobs in online can be work in your freetime .
    you can work in your home , office , any convinient place and convinient timings .

    most of the online jobs are based on ,

    ~~ online survey
    ~~ data entry jobs
    ~~ adds posting
    ~~ e-mail reading
    ~~ website watching
    ~~ e-amil sending , etc..

    most of the online webistes are asking amount before joining .

    generally , there are fake websites and genuine webistes also . so, you must be aware of those websites

    so, here i am metnioning some good websites which are genuine

    you can visit these webistes






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    Re: Which type of jobs are available over internet?

    Dear friend,

    There are many websites over internet providing the job opportunities for earning money.

    *** For this just candidate need the basic internet knowledge.


    1. http://www.googleadhense.com

    2. http://www.indyrocks.com

    3. http://www.skymaza.com

    4. http://www.jobrecruitments.com

    5. http://www.earnpartimejob.com

    6. http://www.ibibo.com

    7. http://www.dataentryjobs.com

    8. http://www.surveyjobs.com

    9. http://www.indiansurveyzone.com

    From the above websites you can earn the more by doing the simple work.If you not satisfy with try to email me i will suggest you some more best websites.

    GOOD LUCK.....

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    Re: Which type of jobs are available over internet?

    In Internet you can get jobs like

    1.Data entry jobs - you have to write the data sent by the websites in the document form

    2.E-mail reading jobs - you can earn money by reading an e-mail which is sent to your e-mail address

    3.Online survey - you have to give your opinion on various products in the market, you have to write a review, If your review is published in that website then you will get money

    4.Website visiting - You can earn money by visiting the websites for 30-40 seconds

    And there are several websites to provide these kinds of jobs

    The following are some websites



    All the best

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    arpita_chatterjee arpita_chatterjee is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Which type of jobs are available over internet?

    Dear Friend, Most of the online job whether Data Entry or Survey job are very risky. Very few websites are actually genuine where you can earn money without investments. You have a option to earn money in ELP website, I can guarantee itís a genuine site as every month Iím receiving cheques from their side. One of my friend struggled for online job for years and then came across the UID Team. There training and guidance took my online business to the next level.
    Now she is making on average $100+ a day, don't get me wrong though, she didn't get there over night but with there knowledge, training and a lot of hard work she now never have to worry about getting a J-O-B because she is housewife and have to take care her children she stay at home, take care of her child and make more than enough money.
    They don't spread hype all over the net and teach a legitimate trade. Heck they don't even charge you for the mentoring and the training. Plus they'll not only mentor and train you they'll mentor and train every single downline member you EVER get.Take a good look and see if they are a good fit for you. Check this website http://uidteam.me/jeremygray

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    Re: Which type of jobs are available over internet?

    >>see the jobs on internet are not any specific field related jobs
    but can be performed by any individual with a little bit of computer operating knowledge.

    >>all you need to do jobs on internet is a working internet connection and a good computer

    talking about the jobs on net
    here are details about them:

    in this type of job what you really do is provide what you really think about a particular news,event or a product.
    basically you provide your opinion to the site and they pay you in return.

    ealp stands for earn and learn programs.this is very interesting as
    members answer the queries asked on site and earn money while doing s
    o and also at the same time increase their knowledge

    in this type of jobs you are paid to read the sms or emails sent to your account on the concerned sites.

    in this you have to fill details of some individual or companies in terms of data filling

    following are some of the site where you can earn good money:


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