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    Tips to make a sucessful career?

    Tips to make a sucessful career?

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    Re: Tips to make a sucessful career?

    Dear friend,

    ....>> Firstly start thinking positively in your all approaches & stay confident.

    Tips to make a sucessful career are given below:-

    1.Make Career Planning an Annual Event

    2. Map Your Path Since Last Career Planning

    3. Reflect on Your Likes and Dislikes, Needs and Wants

    . Examine Your Pastimes and Hobbies

    5. Make Note of Your Past Accomplishments

    6. Look Beyond Your Current Job for Transferable Skills

    7. Review Career and Job Trends

    8. Set Career and Job Goals

    9. Explore New Education/Training Opportunities

    10. Research Further Career/Job Advancement Opportunities

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    jayeshkank jayeshkank is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Tips to make a sucessful career?

    Inorder to survive in long race one has to make a better plan for study and all academics based activities.I am mentioning some steps that you must follow while deciding your career:

    Identifying values

    Personal Strength and weakness i.e swot analysis

    Current situation

    Make a personal mission statement

    Be updated Try to spend more time with the people from your generation.

    I hope my tips will definitely boost your career at some extent.And always believe that person can do anything but not everything therefore try to become master in certain areas so that you can get a tag of monopoly...ATB buddy.

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    Re: Tips to make a sucessful career?

    dear friend,

    To make the Your career successful :

    1. first your qualification in your course must be good marks in your degree above the 70%.
    2.you have to improve your communication skill so your can explain your ideas with out hesitation.
    3.you must have technical knowledge about your subjects which you have study in your degree.
    4.you must have to your general knowledge related to your post and current affairs.
    5.you have to used the intelligence related to your work.
    6. you have decided your path and whats you have to do in future and work hard to achieve them
    7.you have to improve your aptitude skill which have been used the written test in every jobs.
    8.you have to study in which subjects and course in which you have interest.
    9.never change their course after the some time .

    so these are the some tips to make your career bright.

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    Re: Tips to make a sucessful career?


    TO MAKE YOUR CAREER SUCCESSFUL ... then plan in advance that what you want to be..
    Here your educational qualification matters but more than it your interest and will so
    first set out your aim . If you are clear with your aim then it will help you .
    If you are interested in government sector then prepare for competitive exam as exam are been
    conducted now for freshers, to get job after just completing their higher studies .

    all the best

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    Mithun sharma Mithun sharma is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Tips to make a sucessful career?

    Dear friend,

    for successful career according to my opinion you need to follow these steps ;;--
    1. Decide your goals
    2. according to goal planning
    3. make some systematic structure
    4. focused working
    5. should be consistent whatever you work

    mithun sharma

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    DDDDBBBB DDDDBBBB is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Tips to make a sucessful career?


    You want make a sucessfull carrer . Ya???
    I can Provide you some tips and I think it will help you.

    1.Update your CV. There are lots of curriculum vita models are Available in the market . You which one choose the best suited for you .And design it . Because in MNC Companies "presentation matters"

    2.Self Grooming is also an important Part to crack the interview. Your gesture posture , your way of speaking e.t.c. Controls your presentation in front of interviewers . And as I said Presentation is a very urgent part to crack the Interview .

    3.Keep Self belief . Don't underestimate your self . You just Don't know how much you can do if you seriously want to do. So, Be focused on your job . If you fail in one Interview once that doesnot mean you cannot get the job . You just try to think "I CAN" form hurt. You will get it.
    All Those 3 condition were about mental and physical preparation . But there is Also some education related factors .....
    Firstly let me tell you the eligibility criteria of maximum MNCs .

    60% marks Throughout your career.
    No backlogs or Year gap more than 1years are not allowed.
    So, you are satisfying above three criteria you will get an interview call . But to crack interview ,specially in IT sectors Three conditions are needed.
    1.Good Communication power in English . You can start to practicing of English by home!!!!!!! you can take entry to any Spoken English coaching classes .

    2.Good Aptitude seance . You can solve aptitudes form the aptitude books available in the market . There are also lots of aptitude
    improving centers available in the market where youu ca go .

    3.Good knowledge in programming languages. It is the most important point . You make any single language Propely . I am assuring you , you will get the jobs .

    ==Courses you can do==

    SAP - BO
    SAP - BI
    SAP - ABAP
    Oracle - Apps
    Oralce - DBA E.t.c........

    HOPE I HELPED YOU!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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