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    Tell me about CAD/Design Training course?

    Tell me about CAD/Design Training course?

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    Re: Tell me about CAD/Design Training course?


    CAD (Computer Aided Design) course is short time course only and duration of this course ranges from 3 to 6 months.A very good grade at intermediate level with science\technology as subjects will be helpful for this course.Graduates in science and engineering will be preferred compare to other graduates.

    ->A person who have degree or diploma in engineering or ITI pass certificate in mechanical/electrical/automobile branches in engineering can do CAD course.

    ->Each and every institute have different eligibility criteria for selection.Some institutes prefer only B.Sc/B.Tech/A.M.I.E(mathematics or statistics or computer science or physics as compulsory subjects)

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    Re: Tell me about CAD/Design Training course?

    Hello readers ,

    As you asked us the details of CAD course .
    Here is the details regarding CAD course.

    CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, in many desciplines , the advent of CAD has radically changed the way professionals work . Most project managers now expect that any drawing describing design work will be created using some CAD software ..
    they also assume that work will be delivered in both Printed and electronic format. In most professions , design work on paper drawings alone is no longer acceptable.

    This change in attitude has major implication on many of us ,
    if you are suppose to design a work if you are in the field of architecture or civil or any other construction field CAD plays a major role..

    So try to go through this course and be perfect in your designs ....

    So CAD is very much important....

    Hope you give a good importance to CAD course..

    This course is important for students in


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    Re: Tell me about CAD/Design Training course?

    Dear Guest,

    As you know by now, CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. It's complement is CAM, i.e. Computer Aided Manufacture. I would also like to bring to your knowledge that all big manufacturing companies nowadays rely on these two technologies for manufacturing whatever it is that they manufacture. One reason is that it almost completely removes the chances of human error. Second, changes in the basic design can be done almost instantly without actually changing the original design. There are several other benefits like cost reduction, materials input optimization etc. Today, almost everything from a razor blade to space shuttles are designed entirely using CAD. This field has an ever growing potential.

    There are many courses, both short and long term, available. You should choose one depending upon your prior knowledge of computers and design, and also the kind of industry that you would like to join after the completion of the course. For example, in case you wish to the Automobile Design Industry, then a short term course is of no practical use. On the other hand, if you plan to join a company that is into Printing, then I feel, a short term course would suffice.

    I hope this gives you a fair idea of what CAD is about.

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    Re: Tell me about CAD/Design Training course?

    CAD Training Centres provide quality Computer Aided Design courses to prepare you a career for Engineering or Architectural drafting and design.
    If you have strong drawing ability, visual aptitude, atention to detail, studying computer design and drafting, may fit your skills.
    Many industries use drafters to translate the ideas, sketches and specifications of an engineer, architect ,designer into working plans.
    These plans may detail how to make products, engineer projects or create structures.

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    Re: Tell me about CAD/Design Training course?

    Dear Friend ...

    There are so many various CAD/ Design training courses

    Generally these courses would be done in " Summer Holidays " with out disturbing the Academics year plan

    The courses are

    <> CAD

    <> CAM

    <> PRO-E

    <> ANSYS




    <> RADIOSS ...et. ,


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