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    Technical question papers for KPCL Junior engineer recruitment exam?

    sir is there aptitude questions or only technical qutions for kpcl junier engineer recruitment exams

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    Re: Technical question papers for KPCL Junior engineer recruitment exam?

    Dear Guest,

    Well there are both aptitude and technical questions in the exam. Also, you have not mentioned the branch for which you need questions. Still, I am giving below links to papers of various branches for which exams are held in KPCL. Also providing a link to some study material for aptitude questions.

    Mechanical : http://www.jbigdeal.com/2011/09/kpcl...-engineer.html
    Civil : http://www.jbigdeal.com/2011/09/kpcl...-engineer.html
    Electrical : http://www.jbigdeal.com/2011/09/kpcl...-engineer.html
    GK : http://www.jbigdeal.com/2010/08/late...ance-exam.html
    Aptitude : http://www.jbigdeal.com/2010/01/r-s-...ad-e-book.html

    I am sorry, I could not upload these files due to a server error at this point. Hope this helps and wish you all the best.

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