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    Suggest best suitable jobs for freshers BBM graduates?

    please suggest me what r the jobs availabe for fresher bbm graduates.

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    Re: Suggest best suitable jobs for freshers BBM graduates?

    Sir i wil b finshing my graduation from BMM advertisment, bt rlly confusd very much weather contuing from it furthr courses , bt personally i feel that i want to start workk now, bt seekng for oprtunies, what cn i achieve sir thrugh completing my graduation, I am very much intrstd into advertisenebt field bt alo scard abt of liostng dat its a very compettaive n politics field. . pls suggest me sir wht should i go for, furthr courses in any thng or wht else

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    Re: Suggest best suitable jobs for freshers BBM graduates?

    Sir this april 2o12 i wil b finishng my graduation from BMM (ADVRTSMNT) bt very much confusd as what to furthr , whch couse. . as personally i want to strt workk then aftr dat i want do furthr studies according to my growth criteria. . and m very much intrstd into advertisement field bt ya honestly speakn nill in technical fieldd. . thrug diss course i jst know abt d mangemntal, and other depatmental functions of ad agencies.. so plz guide for what oppotunity i can seek for in ad agency, n my decesuion is rgt?? to study aftr somm tym after geetn some experience in my field.c. pls sir neeed ur advice. ,.

    Thank you
    Brijesh Mishra

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    Re: Suggest best suitable jobs for freshers BBM graduates?

    I do not know what you actually learned in your course ( how much actually you absorbed or just getting the degree ??).

    First correct your English - English MUST be very very good, simple, short sentence and correct grammatically and spelling wise.

    Then You MUST have a very good knowledge in Sales and Graphics Design, look and feel or art.

    Then comes your connection building capability.

    Your field is a very good field and very creative field - check the family story based advertisements on the TV - don't you like them ?

    So - you are on the right path - if you learn right.

    Put your best efforts..

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    Re: Suggest best suitable jobs for freshers BBM graduates?

    You are BBM graduates, you can get a job in many companies.

    You have to register your name in the various job portal websites like:-









    www.rediff job search






    You will get a job if you register your name and submit your resume in the various sites listed above.

    You will get a suitable job for you after you register your name in these sites.

    THANK YOU........>>>>>>>>>>

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