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    Which stream should i choose between B.Sc. or B.Arch?

    Hye,.. i have completed +2(12th) ....now m confused, which stream should i choose between BSc and B.arch??i got 57% in 12th(pcm)....plz rly me.............
    thank u

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    Re: Which stream should i choose between B.Sc. or B.Arch?

    hai friend,

    it mainly depends on your interest..i suggest b.arch if your interests are inclined towards creativity..

    B.arch has a lot of scope for creativity,it offers challenges in your work and a great deal of satisfaction..whereas B.sc. will give you basic knowledge in technical terms,but still you are expected to pursue higher studies if you do a b.sc gor decent job opportunities..but B.Arch is totally different from B.sc.

    giving an account for the reality boom,there is a huge demand for trained architects.an architect could work as
    An architect could work as

    Interior decorator,
    Urban designer,
    Product designer,
    Urban infrastructural developer,
    Rural planner etc.

    but to be a successful architect you must be from a reputed university..

    you can get into B.Arch in the same category through AIEEE exam.

    The following are the top architect colleges

    * Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
    * Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies, Mumbai
    * Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee
    * Bengal Engineering and Science University, Howrah,West Bengal
    * Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi

    There are also ample of opportunities in the government sector once you get the B.arch degree.

    * UPSC.

    * Indian army.

    * railway.

    * BHAL.

    * ONGC. etc.

    so,depending on your interest choose them..since your priority list list consists of B.arch as an option i have explained the pros for B.arch,

    you can even go with B.sc. if you are interseted in sciences..

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    Re: Which stream should i choose between B.Sc. or B.Arch?

    In today senaria i think B.Arch would be a good option rather than B.Sc. But it totally depend on you.
    Because it's you who have to study not we.
    I am giving you information about both the fields and then you have to decide for which field you are most suitable, or which field you will be comfortable in or more important in which field you have more interest.
    It also depend how you see this world or how your brain works.

    A B.Arch field is a totally creative field. There are no limit and no boundation in this field.
    Also there a very good career in this field as some has sayed that construction will never gona be stop.
    You will also get a very good pay in this field too.
    B.Arch in just not about construction it more like a technical art where you have to do new things.
    So if you think you are creative you better to go with B.Arch.

    where in B.Sc you will get only basic knowledge about Science and technology. There is also a haddle that to get a job you have to do M.Sc as B.Sc is not good enough to get a good job.

    So in my opinion it is better to go with B.Arch.
    But final decison is your

    good luck

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    Re: Which stream should i choose between B.Sc. or B.Arch?

    For a student completed his/her 12th standard education, now is the time of a life time selection which will make your future. As you are confused between BSc and B.Arch, it may be your final choices.

    Bachelor of Science is a common degree which helps you to develop your technical/educational knowledge. There are several specializations available under BSc like physics, chemistry, maths etc. If you are interested in science subjects, this can be your best choice.

    Bachelor of Architecture also has a lot of opportunities when considered for a career. Your basic skills matters a lot. A student with good creative skills and one who wish to built his/her career in that skill can opt for this.

    So, the final selection should be based on your skills and interests.

    Whether choosing BSc or BArch, you should not stop with that. Having a degree won't help you much to built a good career. You should go for specialization based on your interests.

    >> A BSc student can go for MSc,MEd or other job specialization courses in banking sector or etc.
    >> B.Arch student can go for specilizations like Auto CAD etc.

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