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  1. What is the future and scope of Sports Health Management course?
  2. What is the expected rank for getting admission in Thapar University through Punjabi quota?
  3. Can i attend casual round with SNQ quota during counselling?
  4. Will i be considered as Outside Maharashtra state student being a CBSE student?
  5. Provides names of private and government colleges providing NRI Quota in Maharashtra and Gujarat?
  6. Can i pursue a course in Computers even after dropping Maths in 12th? Whether i should choose Hotel Management course or not?
  7. How many seats for MBBS course are available in Punjab under 85% quota?
  8. Is it necessary to learn Hindi in Class X (10) for Government jobs? Can Sanskrit replace Hindi?
  9. Can i avail the handicap quota in Civil Services as i have one prosthetic leg?
  10. Is there any defence quota for PO/Clerical posts in SBI?
  11. Can i get admission in any top 50 Engineering colleges of India through Management Quota?
  12. Tell me about Management Quota seats in KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences?
  13. How much marks are needed in EAMCET to get a medical seat in government college or in management quota?
  14. Can i get seat under sports quota with 32011 rank in EAMCET?
  15. Is there any sports quota for girls in Indian Army?
  16. How many Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu comes under sports quota?
  17. What is the procedure to join Aeronautical Engineering course?
  18. Which college can i get under sports quota with EMACET 22000 rank?
  19. What sort of preparation i need to do for qualifying in any Entrance exam?
  20. Will i get admission for Engineering under Sports Qouta with 49% marks in PCM?
  21. How to know about Sports Qouta in any University? How to calculate it?
  22. Can i get job in Railways after completing MCA (specially in South Central Railways)?
  23. Am i eligible for Railway jobs with BE in materials Science & Engineering? If yes, where can i find study material for job exams?
  24. Please provide some multiple questions and answers in Cobol Programming?
  25. What certification course i need to do after BCA for finding good jobs as i am weak in programming?
  26. What is the meaning of Object Oriented Programming? Is it different to Web Programming? Which one is better for job purpose?
  27. How to be an expert in Java Programming?
  28. How many languages does .NET platform supports? Which are those langauges?
  29. Does college reputation matters for a Software Company while recruiting students?
  30. Which course is better for doing MS and why - Embedded or VLSI Design?
  31. Do Astronauts need to have knowledge of some langauges? If yes, then which langauges they shuld know?
  32. What are the programming methodology in C Langauge?
  33. What is the course content for Game Programming courses?
  34. How can i find a job in Maruti Workshop or Maruti Servicing Center?
  35. Is Madhyama (Visharad) equivalent to Bachelor's of Oriental Langauges?
  36. Whether Bank will consider Graduation Langauge marks or not?
  37. Whether RF Engineering is good as a career or not?
  38. Whether GRE test on PHP or any other web development technologies will provide some benefit to me after BCS (Honours)?
  39. What is the admission procedure, date and duration of Diploma course in Foreign Languages in Osmania University?
  40. Should i join WIPRO Technologies despite of being weak in programming?
  41. Which languages i should know for joining Hotel Management course in Bangalore?
  42. Tell me about Programming of Heap Creation in Data Structure through C?
  43. Can i go in Animation field after BCA degree?
  44. Please provide previous years question papers of Window Programming?
  45. Which line except Programming, i should opt after BE in CSE?
  46. What are the various SAP courses available in India?
  47. Tell me about Emulation Software Technologies?
  48. How to solve Linear Programming Problems in easier way?
  49. Is it possible to become an Air Hostess wiithout knowing other languages except English?
  50. Can i do summer training in Missile Programming being a B.Tech 2 year student?
  51. What are the main Programming Characteristics?
  52. Is Java a pure object oriented programming language?
  53. Which 18 langauges are in selection list for IAS examination?
  54. Need old question papers of AMIE for Computer Science subject?
  55. Please send sample papers for preparing for Java Programming?
  56. Which languages are need to be known for joining BHM Course?
  57. Can i learn Programming Languages online at my home?
  58. Which programming language is best for BCA students to learn?
  59. From where i can get degree in Game Designing? Does DSK Pune Institute offers degree in Game Designing and Game Programming?
  60. How to prepare for CTS Written Test? What areas in programming languages i need to cover for attending interview?
  61. Is Vernacular Language compulsory for job? Can i find good job with good english despite of being not good in Indian Languages?
  62. Tell me about creative courses except Programming after B.Tech in Computer Science?
  63. Basic difference between these two programming languages - JAVA and C?
  64. What are the best career options for B.Tech (CSE) graduates, if he/she is not good in programming?
  65. How to clear the technical round of various IT Companies?
  66. Which institute in India provides a course for studying Languages and Scripts? Can i pursue a career in development of different scripts and languages?
  67. Which languages are used for programming in Syntel?
  68. Will i be able to survive in industry with weak programming concepts?
  69. Which branch i should choose in Engineering to become a Software Engineer? Is it possible for a BIO student to learn programming languages?
  70. How can i approach for Internship Program in WIPRO being a 3rd year student of RTU?
  71. What are the career prospects for Ex-AirForce persons? Is there any company which recruits Ex-Serviceman with MCA qualification from IGNOU?
  72. Which books i should read for Programming and GK? Please provide last 3 years papers of ONGC?
  73. Is it true that Real Programmers specialises in more than one area? Can i do specialisation in two areas?
  74. Is CNC programming a good choice for me to find a job in foreign country?
  75. How can i make a career in Programming after doing MCA from IGNOU?
  76. Do i need to learn any special languages for working in abroad (specifically in Dubai)?
  77. Is .NET programming good to learn before MCA? Which institute in Mumbai is best for this course?
  78. Is specialization course along with MCA recommended?
  79. Can you please suggest me a good short term course after completing AMIETE?
  80. Can i opt for Networking rather than Programming after B.Tech in CSE?
  81. How can i prepare for Computer Science subject in Class 12th?
  82. What is the basic difference between Procedural and Object Oriented Programming Languages?
  83. Am i eligible for Java Developer job in Software Companies wth 70% marks in MCA?
  84. Which field should i choose for job as my programming is not so good?
  85. Should i go for IT trade or complete my B.Tech degree in CSE as i am finding difficulty in programming language?
  86. List out the top 5 programming languages?
  87. What knowledge i should have before doing any course in Embedded System or Chip Programming?
  88. How many language one has to study to shift from Dubai to India?
  89. What should i do after B.Tech for having a secured and good future?
  90. Can i get hired by reputed companies despite of being weak in programming languages?
  91. Tell me about programming langauges for ECE students to learn?
  92. What should i do to take proper knowledge of each programming language?
  93. Which is the best suitable project for BCA final year student?
  94. Can i do LLB with BCA from Jodhpur? How many years will it take to complete LLB if i choose to do it after BCA?
  95. Please suggest title for project based on Image Processing?
  96. How to get provisional admission to MCA course for final sem BCA students?
  97. Can i directly pursue Executive Program of CS after BCA completion?
  98. Tell me about NITSET examination? Am i eligible to give this exam with aggregate 60% marks upto 5th sem of BCA?
  99. Whether Ethical Hacking course is good for a BCA graduate or not?
  100. Whether i can go in Cyber Security field or not after BCA?
  101. Is it good to do BCA after 10+2? Can i pursue M.Sc. after BCA completion?
  102. Need project titles based on ASP .NET as Frontend and Oracle as Backend?
  103. Please suggest me some of the sensor based projects for final year EE course?
  104. Is BCA a better option as compared to B.Tech? Tell me about BCA colleges in Uttarakhand and Delhi?
  105. Can a BCA passout with second division join SSB?
  106. Can i join any Science course which has Biology as subject after BCA completion?
  107. Can i do Ph.D. in Mathematics as i had Mathematics as major subject in BCA?
  108. What is the job scope and salary package after completing BCA and MCA courses?
  109. Please tell me about Mobile or Pendrive based projects?
  110. How can i fill up the BCA Scholarship application form under OBC category?
  111. Can i get admission in DAV chandigarh for BCA course after securing 34800 AIR in AIEEE?
  112. Can i sit for JECA exam after completing BCA?
  113. Tell me about best BCA colleges in Pune?
  114. How much important is BCA course in Technological world? Should i really prefer BCA over B.Sc.?
  115. How many colleges in Uttar Pradesh offers BCA course?
  116. Is Computer Science subject in 12th is compulsory for doing BCA?
  117. Can i do Master's in Arts after BCA course completion?
  118. Is Sikkim Manipal University good for pursuing BCA course?
  119. What are the possibilities of finding job in Automobile Companies after BCA?
  120. Can BPC students take BCA course for graduation degree?
  121. From where i can get BCA admission form of Mumbai Colleges?
  122. Whether MCA degree without doing BCA is accepted for Teachership in any college?
  123. Is it possible to do BCA course in a respected college without having Mathematics?
  124. Please suggest some colleges for correspondence courses while pursuing BCA?
  125. In which way academic gap of 5 years between 12th and BCA affect my career?
  126. How may i get Sample Question Papers based on new pattern of BCA course in MDU Rohtak?
  127. Which college in Chandigarh is best for doing BCA course?
  128. Can i do SAP course after completing BCA graduation? Can i do this course while pursuing my graduation?
  129. Can i undergo any preparatory program and join BCA while working as Technical Associate in MNC?
  130. Which short term course i should do while pursuing BCA from JSS College?
  131. Need some project ideas for final year of BCA course?
  132. Am i eligible for NIMCET 2013 with more than 80% marks in BCA?
  133. What is the fee structure of BCA in IGNOU? Is BCA a degree course?
  134. What is the new pattern of UGC NET Examination? Whether question will be practical based of subjective based?
  135. Does the gap of 5 years between 12th and BCA course will affect my career?
  136. How much percentage is needed to be scored in 12th MPC to get admission in BCA course?
  137. Am i eligible to pursue BCA without Maths? What is the difference between BCA degree with Maths and BCA degree without Maths?
  138. May i be eligible for MCA course in JNU after BCA? Need fee details of the course?
  139. What are the benefits of doing BCA course? What will be the job opportunities after doing MCA?
  140. How JAVA is OOPS Concept based langauge?
  141. Please list the projects which are Windows based?
  142. Should i choose BCA course in Science or Art?
  143. Can i pursue BCA course even without having Mathematics in 12th?
  144. What are the best courses to pursue after BCA from IGNOU?
  145. Which application or software is used to develop Frontend and Backend of the project?
  146. Can i get admission in IGNOU for BCA course after three years Engineering Diploma?
  147. How to go to USA for jobs after BCA completion?
  148. Can i get admission in BCA after three years Diploma in Engineering?
  149. Can BCA Bridge students opt for MCA course?
  150. Tell me about Networking courses which i can choose after BCA completion?
  151. Need suggestion about final year BCA Project titles in JAVA and HTML?
  152. Am i eligible for BCA course with no Maths/Biology in class 12th?
  153. Whether project on Online gaming is suitable for BCA 5th sem student or not? In which language i should make this project?
  154. Can i do BCA after 12th with Science and Maths subjects? Is Computer subject necessary in 12th for BCA admission?
  155. Please send old papers of BHEL for Junior Engineer post exam?
  156. Please provide old question papers of SAIL OCT Mechanical Engineering?
  157. Is there any percentage criteria for Income Tax Department jobs for B.Tech degree holders?
  158. How can we apply for Indian Army jobs with B.Sc. (NSG) qualification?
  159. Which company should i choose for job with one year experience in JAVA programming after BCA? How much salary can i expect?
  160. What is the scope for ST students after doing B.Tech degree?
  161. How can i apply in BHEL after 2 years of Summer Training?
  162. How can i avail scholarship for completing Ph.D. from any Foreign University?
  163. Are there any special courses in Security field? Can i earn high salary in Security field at the age of 35 years?
  164. Can BHMS doctor from India practice in Abroad? If yes, then which country allows such doctors?
  165. What should i do for getting into the field of Fashion Designing?
  166. Which institutes in India provides B.Tech degree in Nuclear Physics? What is the scope in this field?
  167. Can i get a loan from SBI Bank for studying in abroad? What is the criteria and how much loan can be provided?
  168. Please guide me about opting for Oceanography field being a Bio student?
  169. How to be an expert in IT field? How can i improve my English?
  170. Tell me about career option for Commerce Graduates in Art and Designing field?
  171. What is the future in Instrumentation & Control field?
  172. Can i pursue Journalism after B.Tech degree in ECE? What is the scope in this field?
  173. What are the steps or procedure for becoming an Interior Designer?
  174. How can i prepare for PCS while residing in abroad (UK)?
  175. Need information about Ph.D. admission for Pharmaceutical Analysis in abroad?
  176. Can i do Master degree in Hospital Administration after finishing MBBS? Which institutes in India or abroad are offering this course?
  177. What is the main job of a Field Investigator? What attributes are required for becoming a Field Investigator?
  178. Which country would be best for me to do research in Psychology? What is the scope in this field?
  179. How can i study abroad for becoming a Veterinarian Doctor? How much percentage is required in boards?
  180. Which is the best university for Comparative Literature in India or abroad?
  181. Is there any scholarship available for girls to study in abroad after Hotel Management?
  182. List the top colleges in UK for Engineering courses?
  183. How can i do Internship in IIT Delhi for doing MS course in abroad?
  184. Which country will be best for me to pursue higher education after BE in Civil Engineering?
  185. Am i eligible for IAS exam after DAE from Board of Technical Education (Bangalore) and 8 years working experience?
  186. What are the career propects for Indian Dental Specialist (female) in abroad?
  187. Tell me about entrance exams and admission in Integrated Law Course in India or abroad?
  188. Name the entrance exams in India for doing MDS in abroad with scholarship?
  189. Do i need to crack either TOEFL or GRE for pursuing Ph.D. in Abroad? How can i avail the scholarships?
  190. Want information about Ayurvedic Institutes in abroad?
  191. Tell me about courses offered in abroad in commerce field?
  192. Which correspondence course besides M.Sc. (Biotechnology) will help me in getting job in India or abroad?
  193. How to get into Automobile Design field? Name the good institutes present in India or abroad for this course?
  194. Whether UGC approval is enough or not for GATE exam? How can i study aborad in Technical field?
  195. What is the scope of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences in abroad?
  196. Tell me about options for doing Post Graduation in abroad in a dynamic field involving Genetics?
  197. Which universities in India provide correspondence course in the field of Linguistics?
  198. Please give me details of the universities which are considered best for pursuing Post Graduation in Medical field?
  199. What is the scope in Medical field in abroad? What should i do further after BA?
  200. Can i opt Civil Engineering as optional subject in IFS exam? How should i start my preparation for this exam?
  201. Last years question papers of Assistant Engineer post Combined Engineering Service exam for ECE students?
  202. Need last 5 years question papers of TNPSC Combined Engineering Services exam?
  203. List the names of competitive exams for Engineering students of CSE branch?
  204. Need previous years question papers of OCES for Mechanical students?
  205. Can i join Merchant Navy after Bachelor's degree in Production Engineering from Mumbai University?
  206. Which engineering stream is in more demand at present? What is the cut off in MHCET for different streams?
  207. Whether doing B.Tech in Dairy Engineering from NDRI is a better choice for my career or not? What is the scope in this field?
  208. Please send syllabus of VITMEE Automotive Engineering? Please also send previous years papers?
  209. Is ICE approved by AICTE or any other recognized body?
  210. What is the best way of doing B.Tech course in Mechanical Engineering - Part Time or Regular? Please suggest some good colleges for pursuing part time course?
  211. Which colleges are offering Genetic Engineering course in India (specifically in Kerala)?
  212. Can i join Agricultural Engineering after completion of Diploma course in Electronics & Communication Engineering?
  213. Which are the top Automobile Engineering Colleges in Chennai?
  214. Which colleges are offering M.Tech (Transportaion Engineering) degree except IITs and NITs? Which Colleges does not require GATE score for admission?
  215. Need previous years question papers of Pondicherry University for Engineering Mechanics subject?
  216. Want information about College list for External Engineering in E&TC?
  217. How can i get a good college for M.Tech after failing in GATE? Should i do M.Tech or job after B.Tech completion?
  218. What is the actual cut off for admission in Architect Engineering and Textile Engineering in Coep and VJTI College of Pune?
  219. Is Tally good for B.Sc. graduate? Can i get Accounting jobs being a Science Graduate?
  220. Am i eligible for government jobs after completing Vocational Rural Engineering Technician?
  221. Need model question papers for Operator Cum Technician Trainee exam for Ceramic students?
  222. Can i be able to apply for JELET 2013 with Diploma in Ceramic Sandwich course?
  223. Need last 5 years question papers for TANCET ME/M.Tech (Chemical/Ceramic/Biotech)?
  224. Can i get Diploma or Degree in Ceramic through distance education after B.Sc. in Chemistry?
  225. Can i take training in ISRO being an Engineering student of Ceramic branch?
  226. Is there any scholarship scheme for B.Tech students of Government College of Engineering and Ceramic Technology?
  227. Should i start preparing for CAT while studying in 2nd year of B.Tech degree in Ceramic Engineering?
  228. Tell me about the authors of books related to Food Technology for GATE syllabus?
  229. Is B.Tech equivalent to M.Sc. degree? Can i write CSIR UGC NET June 2013 with B.Tech degree?
  230. Can i apply for ISAT exam being a Ceramic Engineering student? If yes, then what is the procedure?
  231. What is the syllabus of SAIL (MT) exam for Ceramic Engineering students?
  232. Tell me about the scope in Ceramic Engineering? What are the future prospects for Ceramic Engineers?
  233. Which corresponding courses i can do for higher studies in the Ceramic field?
  234. What is the syllabus of Diploma course in Ceramic Engineering?
  235. Should i pursue B.Tech in Ceramic Technology or in some other stream?
  236. What is the future of Ceramic Technology?
  237. Can i do B.Tech in either Civil or Chemical Engineering after completing Diploma in Ceramic Technology?
  238. Please tell me about part time Ceramic Diploma course?
  239. What should i do to get placed in MNC companies as i have less percentage in 10th and 12th?
  240. How to get a job in Oman country as Electrical Engineer?
  241. Please inform about jobs available for Electronics & Communication Engineers in bangalore?
  242. Which type of jobs i can do in banking area being an ECE branch student?
  243. Which course will be convenient for me after M.Com with Cost Accounting?
  244. Should i make a time table for preparing for RTO exam? What is the syllabus?
  245. Please inform me about government and bank jobs on the basis of Diploma in IT?
  246. When will the HCL Tech give joining to its recruiters of 2012 batch?
  247. What is the campus placement criteria for M.Tech students in Core Software Industry?
  248. What courses are there in India for joining any Oil Field Company?
  249. Whether job vacancies in Odisha Cuttack are Contractual or regular?
  250. Please tell me about the procedure for internship after BE in Telecommunication?