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    Which side is bst in terms of job opportunities - Software side or Core Side?

    Which side is bst in terms of job opportunities - Software side or Core Side?

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    Re: Which side is bst in terms of job opportunities - Software side or Core Side?

    Dear friend,

    If we compare between software jobs and core jobs, then I will say you that both jobs are good and have scope in its related field. Undoubtedly Software jobs are private sector jobs where as Core side jobs are government sector jobs.

    In the recent time mostly candidates are diverting towards software jobs because of its unbeatable package. Software companies are hiring candidates with the huge salary package. Now a days software companies are attracting mostly candidates because of their lucrative salary structure and relatively less work. The other reason behind choosing the software companies is that there are mostly software companies in India and the IT sector of India is on boom and various software companies are opening in India. Today Software sector has become the hot sector over core sector.

    Core companies only recruit some branches students having technical degree but software companies recruit even B.Sc candidates. If we compare the salary package of core companies and software companies then we found the salary package of software companies is atleast 3 times more than software companies. This is other thing that core companies and jobs are always stable. But the rate of growth is high in software companies. Core companies always recruit mostly candidates from government engineering colleges where as software companies give chances to every student.

    In core companies the rate of growth is slowly and steadly. It is true that when recession comes , mostly candidates leave their job in software companies where as recession do not effect core companies candidates. But I will prefer Software jobs and advise you to choose software jobs. There are various benefits to join software jobs. You can earn and save a lot of money in a very less span of time.

    Best Software Companies in India-

    -> TCS
    -> ORACLE
    -> GOOGLE
    -> YAHOO
    -> INFOSYS
    -> WIPRO
    -> SAMSUNG
    -> HCL
    -> APPLE
    -> IBM
    -> FACEBOOK etc.

    Best Core Companies in India-

    -> IOCL
    -> NTPC
    -> DRDO
    -> HAL
    -> SAIL
    -> GAIL
    -> PWD etc.

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