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    Should i switch to upgrade in JAVA technology or stick to .NET?

    I am 2010 passed out in CSE stream having 1 year exp in .net due to some reasons i quit the job and i wanted to do it now
    plz help me whether i should upgrade in which technology as i dont feel much difference in C# and core java.

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    Re: Should i switch to upgrade in JAVA technology or stick to .NET?

    Dear Guest,

    Let me first list out the advantages of development in ASP.NET.

    - Improved performance and scalability without additional hardware requirements
    - Takes out the equation of deploying separate server applications
    - Let's you focus on project-specific needs, rather than on development of framework - level services
    - Allows implementation of broad-scale changes and enhancements
    - Helps build standardized interfaces rapidly

    ASP.NET is generally used to build Dynamic Websites as also in development of Business and Corporate websites, Social Networking websites, and Content Management Systems. It is also used to build Portals offering solutions related to e-commerce and Payment Gateway Integration.

    The drawback of NET.ASP is that it can not run on Non-Windows platforms.

    Now for the second part of your question regarding upgrading your tech knowledge. In case you are serious about JAVA, then I would suggest that you go in for J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition). J2EE can be used for larger projects, for those who have a need for multiple tools from multiple vendors, and the ability to deploy on non-Windows platforms. J2EE also provided flexibility. J2EE is ideal for developing robust and secure solutions that can manage more data.

    Also, as it is able to run on non-Windows platforms, it is much more widely used and thus offers more job opportunities. Also, you are right in assuming that there is not much difference between C# and core Java. The single difference being the size of the written code, which is much smaller in C# than in Java.

    I hope this information helps you in making the right choice, best of luck.

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