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    Which short term courses i can join for improving my skills after my PG Completion?

    hello, im akashara , im student of m pharm 2nd semister in pharmaceutics branch. so, i want to ask k are there any short term courses(6 to 12 months) after completing my pg which i can join and which can improve my knowledge and skills in pharmaceutics.

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    Re: Which short term courses i can join for improving my skills after my PG Completion?

    Pharmaceutics is a technical branch which belongs to medical course and is totally dedicated for health care.Today there have been increased in jobs opportunities in this field and is day by day increasing.After your completion of degree course,you can get jobs but short term courses will definitely enhance your knowledge,increase your job opportunities and will be an additional point of benefit in your resume.

    Although there are not many short term courses in this field,but there are quite a few of them which you can pursue.Some of the courses which you can pursue are:-

    -Biometrics and pharmaceutical analysis

    -Drug abuse education
    -Computer aided drug design
    -Medicinal chemistry
    -Biological targets and drug discovery
    -Diploma in packaging,
    -Diploma in clinical research,
    -Diploma in production

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    Re: Which short term courses i can join for improving my skills after my PG Completion?

    Hello Friend,

    There is a Good Scope for Pharmaceutical aspirants in future as the day by day Pharmaceutical Industries were Merging a lot in both Private and Government sectors.

    As, you are pursuing Master's Degree in Pharmacy then there will be no need of doing any other related short term courses. After completion of M.pharmacy you can directly apply for Pharmaceutical Industry.

    Most likely there were only a few Courses available for PG aspirants. As, you can pursue Short term courses like:

    1) Clinical Research
    2) Clinical Data Management
    3) Drug Development

    Actually, there is no need to do above course as they were going to cover in your M.Pharmacy syllabus.

    Attachment 5645

    If you want to develop your Pharmaceutical Skills, then I suggest you to do INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS or Organize the Workshops on Pharmacy.

    Rather than spending money on Short term Course. I would recommend to go for Pharmacy Internships.

    you can find Internships by visiting following portals:


    As, you can also do Online Internships and there were many Pharmaceutical Organization who Offering Online Internships.

    But, All you need to develop Good Communication skills In order to have a better Career as it was must for every career.

    > Practice speaking in English with Others
    > Watch out English channels, Movies etc...,
    > Read the books

    Hope you Understand, Thank you.

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