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    Scope of MA or M.Sc. in Psychology from any affiliated college?

    Scope of MA or M.Sc. in Psychology from any affiliated college?

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    Re: Scope of MA or M.Sc. in Psychology from any affiliated college?

    Psychology is the study of the human mind and his behavior.Psychologists as they can find solution for different kinds of mental health problems. M.Sc in Psychology course can enable the candidates to pursue their career as Psychologists in various fields.Psychology opens up wide range of job opportunities for candidates.

    Wide range of career opportunities is available for MA graduates in Psychology as they can provide various psychology related services like counseling to the individuals suffering from mental health problems. You can pursue your career as counselors in any counseling center in schools or colleges. Vocational Rehabilitation Offices also offer many job opportunities for graduates like you.You can perform the role of Human Resources Assistant in these offices.You can work in any welfare organization as Urban Planning Officer so as plan several mental health programs in the urban areas. You can get into the position of parole officer in the prison. Career Counselor and Employment Specialist are the two job profiles available for these graduates in Child/Youth Guidance centers. You can pursue your career as Specialist Education Teacher in various college or universities. Also, you can perform the role of clergy men in various religious houses.

    A physiologist can easily find jobs in schools, collages, universities as a councilor particularly and also as clinical psychologists in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Various developmental agencies, rehabilitation centre, prisons, youth guidance and NGOs are recruiting psychologists for counseling and rehabilitation of patients. Industries and corporate also require psychologists for personnel administration, management and marketing problems. A professional psychologist job tends to be very tough even though the remuneration is excellent and is depended on qualification, specialization and experience.

    School, colleges and NGOs offer a remuneration of Rs 10000 to 20000 per month and the corporate or industries the earning is even higher. Being a lecturer is also a profitable job. Nevertheless private practitioners have the highest earnings of them all.

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