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    Process of recruitment of Sathyam campus interview?

    Dear sir/madam i have sathyam campus interview soon...! can anyone tel me the process of recruitment

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    Re: Process of recruitment of Sathyam campus interview?

    Dear Guest,

    The recruitment process at Sathyam consists of the following three rounds:

    Written test

    Technical interview

    HR Interview

    The written test has 6 sections. It is an online based test of 1hr duration which consists of 100 questions and has no negative marking. These sections are :
    Quantitative Ability

    Reasoning verbal

    Reasoning Non verbal




    The Technical Round is based on Language and other Computer Skills. I am listing a few of the actual questions from this section.

    1) He asked me to write all the programming languages and databases I know on a paper.
    2) What is encapsulation?

    3) What are different shells?

    4) How can you say that c is a procedure oriented language?

    5) What is a function?

    6) Explain the control flow of a program which consists of 5 functions?

    7) What is inline function and virtual function?

    8) Explain your project?

    9) What is php?

    10) Why did u choose php for your project?

    11) Explain the tools, servers, databases used for your project.

    12) Write a query to retrieve the student data based on least five marks in a student table.

    The HR Round is the simplest of all.

    You are asked basic questions like :

    Tell me about yourself.
    Why should I select you?
    I need smart worker.
    What is the guarantee that you will do smart work?

    That, is almost the entire hiring process. I hope I was able to clear your doubts.

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