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    Is it possible for female MCS qualified and experienced candidate with 4 years gap, to get job again? Whether doing certification course will help or not?

    Hello Sir,
    I am 29 years old female currently staying in UK since last 4 years.I have done by M.C.S from Pune University and got selected in the campus placement in one of the MNC.I have 1 year of experience in IT company.After that I came to UK and had a break of 4 years because of child.Now I want to get back to work again so I am searching for the jobs but I am not getting it.Most of the recruiters are saying you have not got enough experience others say you have huge gap of 4 years in between.So I have decided to certification in Java in which I have worked before .I am quite frustated because of all this.So how to resume my career again and what things need to be done to get the job again.Is doing certification going to help or any course ??what else should be done???

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