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    Please tell me the scope of ORACLE course? What salary package can be reached with this?

    i want know about oracle course and how is this course for me . i had done my graduation from hnb gharwal university and pursuing MBA from Punjab tech university by distance education.is it related to my studies which i had done? pleas tell me scope in it and what salary package may i reach i mean what possibilities ?

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    Re: Please tell me the scope of ORACLE course? What salary package can be reached with this?

    First I would like to tell you about what is oracle.

    1.Oracle is a number 1 vendor of RDBMS.

    2.It is a IT development company and oracle is its software.

    3.Oracle is largest selling Relational Database Management software in all over world.

    4.It provides a number of functionality as compared to other RDBMS.

    Courses provide by Oracle:

    Oracle's latest product is Oracle 11g.Here g means Grid technology.

    There are two types of stream you can select in the certification of Oracle 11g.

    1.DBA: A DBA or Database Administrator is responsible for all over database management,transaction management,user creation ,user authentication and authorization,storage management ,system maintenance and providing rights to users.

    For this ,Oracle provides a course named Oracle Certified Professional for those who want to make their career in this field.
    Current fee of exam is US $ 125

    Career:A DBA is an high profile job in terms of salary and reputation.

    In starting you have to work as database analyst or assist a DBA.

    after getting experience of 1-2 years you will designated as DBA.

    Starting salary of a DBA is normally 30-35K.

    2.Developer Side:If you want to go on developer side,you have option of "Oracle Certified Developer".Here reports,sheets,triggers,procedures are created for a database functioning.
    Here you have to specialized on PL/SQL.

    Career:It is also an prestigious job and provide a decent salary package to newcomers.

    Initial salary of a Oracle Certified Developer is 25000-3000k per month.

    Keep in mind that selection of institute is very important and both courses require hard work.

    You have done B.tech and now you are pursuing MBA.Well degree of B.Tech will really help you in getting job after these courses but MBA will help you only if you do it in IT.

    All the Best

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