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    Please provide guidance over finding job opportunities being a partially blind candidate with Graduation degree?

    Dear All

    I am a 27 year old living in Zimbabwe. I am partially blind from birth, the doctors told me and strongly advised me not to wear spectacles as they said it would be of no avail lest l endanger the little sight l have. As a determined young man and with the help of positive minded parents l struggled to attain an Honours Degree in History and Development Studies with a 2.1 class pass and a Certificate in Human Resources Management, despite the challenges l came across at schools such as there were no learning resources that suit my need.

    Now that l decided to go professional and passed the first stage, the second one is proving to be a mountain to climb of finding a job that meet my condition. I am failing to come across any job opportunities in my field that accommodates those who are partially blind such that the little rays of hope with in me are now fading and disappearing day by day. I am now afraid that the vision that l had as a little boy that regardless of my health condition that one day l will be successful and be in a position to be self reliant and relive my parents of the burden to look after me is rather a night mare and not a dream come true. Please help me out with some ideas or potential alternatives that can at least get me employed.

    Thanks so much



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