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    Please list top 50 colleges which allows gap of two years after 12th?

    I dropped a year after my 2 to prepare for IITJEE and other competitive exams but could not make it through any of them. Now I have joined a college under Anna University, Chennai but I don't like it and want to go out of it. I have been preparing for AIEEE and I know this time I will get a good rank. I'm preparing for AIEEE because that is the only entrace exam known to me whose eligibility criteria accepts a gap of 2 years after 12th. Moreover I'm worried that this gap may affect my resume and I may not be eligible for some government jobs that have age limit. So, shall I continue to study in the college I am or should I try getting into these other top colleges. Also please suggest the names of top 50 colleges which allow a gap of two years after 12th now. Thanks in advance!

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