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    Please list the name of trust worthy online part time jobs? How much income can be expected?

    I have read about Indiansurveyzone online partime job. Can anyone tell me is this a trust worth website?will they pay for the work? If u r ur friends who tried for partime job in indiansurveyzone is ther any other parttime jobs? .plz help me out

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    Re: Please list the name of trust worthy online part time jobs? How much income can be expected?

    i do not think that will be a trustworthy place. Even speaking of online part time jobs I do not consider any such jobs as genuine or trustworthy, for that matter. What they will mention to you is:
    1)Initially they will say that you will earn 1000s and lakhs of money.
    2)They will promise you that they are genuine and show you even quotations from lots of people who say that they are hugely rich from those part time jobs. But how can be sure that these are genuine candidates themselves.
    3) Next they will say, that the procedure is very easy and you will income with absolutely no stress.
    4) Finally they will mention their main catch which is that initially by joining with a minor fee you can get these "wonderful" chances. But how can you be sure that they would not fraud you and take your money away, leaving you with nothing but a depressed mind.
    So that is why my advice to you would be to stay away from these websites. Even if you do want to join them, find out more on them and then think hard and make your decision.

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