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    Please help me in deiciding for ABAP or BI module?

    I have done my Engineering in EXTC-2012 and waiting for my results,
    i have read about SAP and got my intrest in it. So i have searched lots of local training centers and SAP authorised centers.
    As i am from technical backgroung & i'm a fresher almost everyone suggest me to gor for ABAP module or BI module.

    1> Can you all help me in deciding for ABAP or BI module.
    Not many but few institute teach BI and I have heard BI should be done after having 1-2yrs of ABAP module, is it TRUE?
    2> What if I directly go for BI Module..?(wont it save my time as its getting more popular)
    3> Can a training from local institute help me to get a bright future in SAP?

    Please help me out guys...
    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Please help me in deiciding for ABAP or BI module?

    >>As you dont have any work experience I would suggest you to do ABAP
    >>ABAP does not require any work experience whereas functional module requires atleast 2years of work experience
    >>To learn SAP you need a good institute like Seimens
    >>If you are not willing to spend so much then you can go to HCL CDC
    >>Dont do the course a non standard institute as there wont be good campus for you
    All the best

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    Re: Please help me in deiciding for ABAP or BI module?


    BW/BI is much more in demand than ABAP. In this comparision, BW/BI is the DVD player, and ABAP is the VHS video tape.
    That may not be totally fair, I guess, because SAP is including full support for ABAP in the NetWeaver 2004s technology platform. Essentially SAP has figured out how to "wrap" ABAP in web-based integration protocols, and that has extended ABAPís lifespan dramatically while keeping ABAP more in the spotlight than it would have been.
    So if thatís true, then where do I get off saying that BW/BI is in much more demand than ABAP? To understand the consulting market, we have to look at every source of supply for a particular skill set. Yes, there are a lot of ABAP projects out there, but remember, ABAP is the most commonly outsourced SAP project area.

    Good Luck.

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