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    Which PG courses i can do after B.Sc. in Botany?

    i have completed BSC botany .Now i wish to do any PG course by distance education.i need to know which all pg courses can i do ?

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    Re: Which PG courses i can do after B.Sc. in Botany?

    Botany is a branch of Science which deals with the scientific study of plant life.Post graduation in Botany deals with the detailed study of plants, and its ecology.It offers scope for research as well as job opportunities too.After completion of post graduation,you can get employment opportunities in Medical laboratories,Testing Laboratories,Agriculture sector,Educational Institutions,Seed and Nursery organizations,Biotechnology Firms,Banks,Life Insurance Companies,Food sector,Pharmaceutical sector,Agricultural Research Organizations,Botanical Survey,Hospitals,Wine industry,Medical research,Wildlife and Fishery Departments.

    The courses which you can do in your post graduation are:-
    -Master of Science Bio-chemistry
    -Master of Science Biomedical Science
    -Master of Science Biology
    -Master of Science Environmental science
    -Master of Science Genetics
    -Master of Science in Biology
    -Master of Science Molecular Biology
    -Master of Science Toxicology
    -Master of Science Virology
    -Master of Business Administration
    -Doctor of Philosophy

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