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    Is Nano science related to Physics?

    Now i'm studying B.sc and my combination is physics,chemistry,maths aftr Bsc if i join M.sc nano science is there any mistake..?is my B.sc subjects are related to M.sc subjects..?sir,or a madam can you please explain the actual meaning of nano science..?i dont know about nano science..?is it related to physics..?

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    Re: Is Nano science related to Physics?

    You are in the right way of thinking that NANO Science is related to PHYSICS. B.Sc subjects are the gateway for M.Sc subjects. So you have to go through B.Sc to enter M.Sc course.

    NANO Science is the mostly glamorous modern technology mainly on ELECTRONICS which is one of the main core branch of Physics. This new technology is named with such designation because this field is designed for the modern electronics devices which have the smallest possible size with best execution speed.

    So, I think you can imagine how much this field glamorous is!! NANO Technology is generally opted by the IITans & bright students from the field of Physics in General study line.

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