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    Jobs in MNCs for final year students with two active backlogs?

    Jobs in MNCs for final year students with two active backlogs?

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    Re: Jobs in MNCs for final year students with two active backlogs?

    It is not possible for you to get the job in MNC with having tow backlogs.Some how you get the job & they verifie after that then you might be in big trouble.So,better to clear the graduation without any backlogs.With backlogs you can not even apply for government jobs,there verification is much more stern as compared to any private sector jobs.So,complete the graduation properly & then apply for any kind of jobs.
    There are many students who have backlog in their final year & doing job on risk.But once they caught life will be in trouble.So,do't do such kind of things instead complete the graduation that would be good for your whole life.

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    Re: Jobs in MNCs for final year students with two active backlogs?

    Generally , for the Offcampus or ONcampus interviews which you attend in your Final year of B.tech , the companies doesnt see whether you have backlogs are not .
    The companies will see , whether you have secured 60% in your 10th and in 12th , and in B.tech also . (upto your last semister which you have appeared lastly)

    Actually , in the Campus placements , the companies will lookafter for the candidates , who are having Good communication skills
    The companies will also lookafter for the candidates who are having , Good Technical skills
    So, if you are very good in these two points , then you no need to worry about your Backlogs .

    But you should have very Good Reason which is Genuine for your Backlogs that why you are having those two backlogs . There are many chances that the recruiters will ask you a Question regarding your Backlogs

    Later , for the Written test and for the Interview , you should have Good command in the C-Language , C++ and Java

    Based on the above mentioend Courses , most of the companies are giving more questions in the Written exam

    Apart from the Courses , You should be well prepared in the ,
    Quantitative Aptitude topic questions
    Reasoning qeustions

    If you get a job in the Campus placements itself , then you must and should complete your 2 Backlogs on or Before completion of your B.tech

    All the best

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    Re: Jobs in MNCs for final year students with two active backlogs?

    dear friend,

    In this technical world,there are a number of companies among which some are small level companies having several branches in all over the india while others are on high scale having branches in different countries of the world.

    The one's on high scale are termed as MNC's or Multi-national companies,& these multi-national companies have great reputation in the market and many of the graduates are just mad about these MNC's.

    Generally,candidates are hired by different compnies through two ways :

    >>one through on-campus placement process

    >>other through off-campus placement process.

    1.ON-CAMPUS placement :

    On-campus placement is the kind of placement in which companies visit the different colleges to hire candidates for their different posts.In the world,there are different mnc's present,hence,those many of the companies visit many of the reputed colleges to select candidates for their company.

    On-campus placement process is done in the last or final year of graduation course and only final year candidates are eligible for that placemen process excluding this eligibility there are some more eligibility conditions are too present that make a candidate eligible for the required post.

    There is an entrance exam followed by interview to select different candidates from a number of different field candidates and you must have to qualify that entrance exam followed by interview to get the job opportunity in these MNC's.

    2.Off- Campus placement :

    Off-Campus placement is a kind of placement process under which the students visit these companies or the places where these companies called students for the entrance exam followed by interview.

    Entrance exam conducted in this case is considered as the typical than that of On-Campus as, in off-campus placement process generally,hundreds of candidates appear and hence,companiesjust have to select some limited one's and that is why, they set the exam as much typical to select only brilliant candidates.

    Exam pattern :

    Quantitative aptitude
    Technical questions
    General english etc.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    1.You must be graduate from recognized & well reputed university.

    2.You must have a minimum of 55-60% marks.

    3.You must not have any backlog pending at the time of applying for these companies.

    4.You must not have any year gap within graduation.

    5.You must not have more than 1-2 year gap after intermediate.

    6.you must have good communication skills.

    7.you must have good technical knowledge regards your stream.

    Private core companies or MNC's :

    HYTECH etc.

    best of luck !!

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