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    Jobs for mechanical engineers in IAF?

    Hello sir,my name is shubham katwe..i live in PUNE.I want to know the details about the jobs for mechanical engineers in IAF means can i aaply and if yes then for which post?? Please reply me sir...thank u

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    Re: Jobs for mechanical engineers in IAF?

    Eligibility criteria for mechanical Engineers in IAF :-

    IAF stands for Indian Air Force.

    Eligible if they have undergone any one of the following Educational Qualifications
    Four year degree qualification from a recognised university

    Cleared Section A and B examination of Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (India)

    Cleared section A and B examination of Aeronautical Society of India
    All the candidates should have studied at least eight subjects out of the eighteen subjects mentioned below while pursuing any one of the above mentioned qualifications:
    1] Physics / Engineering Physics.

    2] Engineering Maths / Mathematics.

    3] Engineering Drawing / Graphics.

    4] Automotive Engineering / Plant Engineering / Industrial Engineering.

    4] Engineering Mechanics / Strength of Material.

    5] Aerodynamics.

    6] Thermodynamics and Applications / Heat Power Engineering.

    7] Heat and Mass Transfer.

    8] Theory of Machines (Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery).

    9] Fluid Mechanics / Turbo Machines.

    10] Flight Mechanics.

    11] Machine Drawing / Machine Design.

    12] Mechatronics.

    13] Material Science / Metallurgy.

    14] Vibrations.

    15] Workshop Technology / Manufacturing Technology / Production Engineering.

    16] Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

    17] Aircraft Structures.

    I hope this information will help you a lot.

    All the best..................

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